Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's the big deal about encouraging students?

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My blog posts consist mainly of helpful hints and friendly advise, but today I feel a need to get on my soapbox about an issue that  really rankles my “rickles”-I made a word up to keep things clean.

The issue

The issue at hand is President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren that was televised at 12:00 noon today. Now this type of speech is not a new thing because President Kennedy did it in 1960 and so did President George H. W. Bush in 1991. While I don’t know about the reaction to President Kennedy’s speech, (heck, I wasn’t even born yet), I do remember reading about the Democrats’ reaction to Bush’s speech. Most of the reaction came after his talk when Democrats claimed President Bush was trying to push his political agenda.

Why the fuss?

Now before I step on anyone’s toes out there, my purpose today is not to make any kind of political statement, but to put my backing behind the idea of talking to school students. Why can’t the most powerful man in the United States, our elected President, wish students well as they enter another year of school, and why would some be opposed to this? Did the President have a political agenda? Well, most politicians do, but I watched the speech, and the whole talk centered on not using your circumstances in life to dictate your future.

The bottom line

As a high school teacher, I think students need to hear that message over and over again from adults in many different realms of life, because the more it is repeated, the bigger the chance it has of actually registering in the students’ thought processes, turning the “I cant because”, into “I can,” and I for one will support anyone (Democrat or Republican) who is a voice of hope.


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  2. I couldn't agree more! I just don't get it?!

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  3. Hello...Just stopped by for a visit. I like your post. The President had no agenda other than to encourage young people to get an education.

  4. Hi! I just saw your reply to my thread in MBC about your blogging routine. My blog is frommomtomom.blogspot.com. Stop by! :)

    I agree with the "what's the fuzz?" I think that having the President of the United States of America reach our kids in a speech is VERY important. Presidents are important, that's why they teach about them at school! DUH! All the political hue to it is completely ridiculous, but I understand the Dems got a shot of their own medicine! (too bad for them!) That was all the fuzz. They did it to them so they strike back, and who is in the middle? our kids and the worst... lots of parents allow it by feeding the fire! Whatever! I think no matter which president it is, is important they address our kids period. Is a figure of leadership and an experience they'll never forget and if the message encourage them to go after their dreams and work hard for them, I don't see why parents still oppose it!


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