Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Sage'ness

A sage is someone, according to Webster, “wise through reflection and experience,” so I want to share my sage ness with you by rambling on about my personal beliefs, and what I understand, have come to understand, or don’t understand about my life-see if you can relate to any of these.

  • Dirty clothes belong in the laundry hamper, not on the bed, or worse under the bed-it’s not going to get clean if it stays in these places.

  • The way things go into the laundry bin is the way they come out of the dryer with the exception of used kleenex- that doensn't belong in either place.

  • And continuing with laundry (do you see a pattern developing?), if I’m going to lug your things to the washer, sort them, treat them for stains, wash them, dry them, lug them back upstairs, and then fold them, the least you can do is put them away.

  • After years of denial I am ready to face the facts-I am turning into my mother and it is both a blessing and a curse all rolled into one.

  • Designate a spot for everything and put things back when you are through with them-how am I supposed to know where you took your shoes off last-I am not your feet

  • And on that same note (this is one for me), no one has moved your things-they are right where you left them last, waiting for you to remember where.

  • If everyone can reach the light switch, why am I the only one who can turn the light off?

  • Don’t do things in “extremes”-the key to health and happiness lies in doing things in moderation.

  • I am not paranoid-someone is stealing my socks because I have fewer pairs after I do whites than I do before.

  • It may be your room and you prefer to live in squalor, but it is my house, and your room is a reflection on me, so clean it up.

  • Treat others the way you would want to be treated, and this includes your mother and father.

  • And here is my personal belief to go along with September Mom’s post about Sunday Citar: If you can visualize it happening, be it a small task or lifetime dream, and you want it bad enough, you can make it a reality-failure is for those who never try.

  • Be sure to check out my Friday post dealing with organization (or the lack of it). If you have trouble keeping it all together, know that you are not alone, and come on over for some laughs. Goodnight everybody!


    1. Susan, I think we could be "sage" sisters! You sound like me when I'm telling my kids for the 1,000th time to put things in the same place so we won't have the big stressed out discussion/argument about where kiddo put the shoes, homework, backpack, soccer cleats, etc. I better stop venting. I think this could be a post for me too!! Glad that you enjoyed The Boss over at my blog. Don't tell my hubby, but he was really sexy in that video :)

    2. Funny how that light switchthing works. Just like the toilet seat, anything that gets taken out of a closet or pantry or fridge. Doors never get closed and pens never returned to my desk.


    3. are you me right now? I've accepted the fact that not only am I my mother, but my father as well. Double whammy.

    4. I am turning into my husband - who was more anal than my father or mother.

    5. Good list. I especially relate to the one about forgetting where I put things.

    6. I can't believe how many of these sound like something I would say. Very cute post.

    7. I've also wondered many of those things. Like turning off lights... (and flushing toilets...why is that so hard?)


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