Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A dog, his pillow, and awards, oh my!

To say that tonight’s post is a jumbled mess is clearly an understatement, but with closer study it does resemble my life right now-an odd toss up of highs, lows, and the all-around wacky. Now I will warn you that before I talk about awards, I’m going to recap what happened with my dog and his pillow last night, partly because my husband declared through major guffaws that I now had the subject of my next post, and partly because I hope that if I retell this story it might get funnier, but you can be the judge on that. And, if you don’t find doggy dating humorous at all, skip to the bottom because I don’t want to offend anyone.

First some background information about our dog. He’s a Havanese a little over a year and a half, weighing in around 14 pounds, and in love with his pillow bed even though he’s fixed. He used to have two pillows but is down to one due to his “rough” treatment, and he recently ripped a hole in the bottom of this last pillow bed so we only give it to him whenever we turn in.
My daughter and I had just gotten back from the drug store for a quick refill on some much needed meds when she started yelling from the living room, "Mom, come in here! It’s out!” “What’s out," I said as I walked in, but when I got there I knew exactly what she was referring to-our little dog waddled past me like a cowboy in the saddle too long, and yes it was out, way out-I had never seen a male dog look this way and I don’t want to ever see that again. Our dog must have sensed it too, because he averted my gaze, and with head down, he slowly sauntered into his crate, and I gladly shut the door.

Now we have had male dogs before, and we have gotten them all “fixed,” but for some odd reason this little guy still wants to do the nasty with his pillow bed. We try and take this unusual love away from him immediately and give it back to him when it’s time to turn in for the night, but no matter where we put the thing, he always manages to find it and drag it back out for more. Unfortunately I forgot to put the pillow up before my daughter and I left, and my husband and son were watching videos in the family room so they didn’t notice that the love match between pillow and dog had gotten serious.

Now put yourself in my shoes right now-I have a tween daughter and a first grader so there were lots of questions, questions I wasn't sure how to answer. My daughter kept asking me why “it“ was out like that, and my son wanted to know if the dog was in pain, so like any good mother, I called (or more like yelled) for my husband-he would know what to do. He took one look at the dog and said we might have to call the vet because, well I’ll spare you the details mainly because I can’t even type an appropriate way to describe what the vet may have to do. I went for the phone book while my husband went to the old standby-Google-but how do you Google something like this without the search returning nothing but porn sites? We were able to connect to some vet places and all of them said to leave the dog alone and after about 15 minutes things should start to return to normal.

Our little dog just lay in his crate pretty listlessly and every couple minutes the kids would give us a report on how far it was out. Pretty soon the dog was whining to come out, and after 15 minutes, most of it was in and I let him out. He scampered about without a care in the world so I guess our worries are over. He usually jumps in bed with my daughter for a few minutes until she falls asleep, but she said to me, “Mom, I really don’t want him in bed with me tonight,” and frankly I didn’t blame her.

Now my kids, not knowing anything about the birds and the bees, have their theories about what happened to our dog, but they decided today that he must have suffered from a dislocation. In fact, my daughter is comparing it to the time she dislocated her elbow, and I am going along with her story because I am really not ready for the complete“talk” just yet. As for the pillow bed, it is no longer, but our dog is still looking for the thing!

Now for those of you who didn't want to learn anything about my dog's habits, I would like to thank Nicole from A New Normal for passing the Lovely Blog Award on to me-this really means a lot. I recently found Nicole's site and really enjoy her writing. Her site contains information about her family and often funny posts about being a mom. I'm going to skip the 15-blog list since I received this award already (Phew!), but I am long overdue at awarding the "I love your blog" I received from Nancy at if evolution really works, to 7 other blogs I love. The recipient of this award is supposed to list 7 personality traits, but feel free to customize this to suit you, and as always, if you have received this award aalready, there is no need to pass it on again. Here we go:

  • Check out Molly from I'm a Sleeper Baker for a site with family stories, tasty recipes, and accounts concerning Molly's goal of running a marathon.

  • If you want anecdotes dealing with the stresses that women and mothers often face, as well as some really funny posts, read Areeba's My Life as a Stay at Home Mom

  • I've recently been enjoying the site of the girl from The Girl Next Door Grows Up . Not only is the site fantastically creative in it's design and layout, her posts are certainly worth your time.

  • Swing by the girl with the flour in her hair at Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver  if you really want to laugh and laugh hard!

  • Be sure to visit Becky from Welcome to my Life  for personal stories that will touch your heart and others that will have you in stiches!

  • Janie B. from Life Not Wasted or Lost  has always been a must read of mine because I always feel good after leaving her site.

  • And speaking of feel good sites, why not check out Kelly from My Voice My View .
    And I know I have gone past 7, but who's counting?

  • Visit Flory at A Woman's Life Stages  if you want to ponder about issues that affect you as a mother or as a woman.

  • I also found and thoroughly enjoy Diary of a Mad Bathroom for a good chuckle and I continue to enjoy Two Toddlers and Me for reviews on the most interesting items and family centered posts

  • That's all for tonight everyone.  I hope you all have recovered from the Thanksgiving holiday, and any other unusual family event.


    1. First of all, thanks so much for my new award!!!

      Second of all, you're killing me with the dog story.

    2. I can not say thank you enough for the shout out and the link. Whenever I find that someone links to me and enjoys my blog, it still just rocks my socks.

      So thank you again! I am so stoked.

    3. Thanks so much for the award! What a nice thing you said about my blog, too. I'm so glad it makes you feel good. You're the best!

    4. I stopped by on my way from Janie's blog. Your 'dog post' was quite funny. I must tell you that I have a [rescued] spayed female poodle who is the best dog in the whole wide world...who will go through those mating motions if she was the male dog! She did have puppies before I rescued her, so she has been around the block once[ as they say!]. She will grab onto an arm or leg, and show you some loving!! She is a female!! Oh well. Her good qualities far outweigh a little indiscretion!

    5. Susan - Thank you so much for sharing your award. You described my blog well. :)

    6. Phew-I was worried about the dog humor in this post, but not anymore. I was trying to figure out why my daughter's comments brought on a bout of deja vu, and I now know why. Those of you who were Seinfeld fans should remember Elaine and the taking "it out" episode... That's helping me see all of this in a much funnier light!

    7. Susan, thank you so much for the award! You're terrific :) I really appreciate your friendship.

      The story about your dog's "unveiling" is making me giggle tonight. That's a sight!

    8. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate the nice words and the award! And quite frankly, I'm honored to be mentioned in a post about a dog and his "dislocated"..."it". :)What an education for your kids! This had me giggling. I've never had a male dog act like that! I wonder if the vet left some parts behind when they nuetered him??

    9. THANK YOU!!!!

      You are awesome Susan! thanks so much for the award! I can always count on your comments on my blog. Thanks again! and thanks for your friendship!

    10. Your dog story cracked me up.

      Congrats on the award!

    11. Congrats on the awards! I do have a question regarding your comment on my picture post...what photo editing software do you use? Thanks for the info on the camera too by the way :)

    12. hope you're having a good weekend! For some reason, I'm having a problem with the html code when I try and link your blog to my post about the award, I'll keep playing with it, just didn't want you to think I left it off!


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