Thursday, December 17, 2009

Honesty is the best policy

My home network is finally back from the dead with the addition of a new, better, router, and it seems like ages since I was last on my blog-I was actually starting to go through withdrawals because, yes, I am on the computer that much… I thought I would fill the extra evening time by bonding with my hubby, and “talking,” but hubby wanted to play his new video game then watch TV, and he said that I was starting to annoy him. You’d think after 18 years he would relish spending even more quality time with me-ok, maybe not.

Nicole over at A New Normal,(pop over to get a look at her new blog design and posts ranging from the heartwarming to the hilarious) recently awarded me the Honest Scrap Award. Merriam-Webster defines honesty as, “a fairness and straightforwardness of conduct; adherence to the facts,” so I’ve composed a list of ten honest things about myself that quite honestly are a little discomforting to admit, and a little alarming in print, but I figured what the heck…
  • Unmade beds unnerve me-I can’t stand walking into a room where the bed is unmade, and I won’t get into a bed unless it is made. Sometimes I don’t have time in the morning to make my bed, so I will make it before I climb in it at night, and if my husband happens to climb in first, I will make sure all the covers are where they should be even if it means removing his warm spot.
  • I can’t stand having sticky hands. I mean the whole world might be crashing down around me but if my hands are sticky the only thing going through my mind is getting them clean.

  • When I buy a book or magazine, I reach for the copy at the back of the pile because it’s still nicely creased with no fingerprint smudges on it.
  • Becoming a mother has really brought out the “germaphobe” in me-I can’t tell you how many times I’m washing my hands in a day and the H1N1 stuff has me ballistic! Before we got some hand sanitizers in our classrooms from the Department of Health, I placed two huge bottles near the tissues, and I personally helped the kids go through those two bottles in two months.

  • I told my husband that I love to cook just so we didn’t have to suffer from his many strange food combinations-I mean he tries but the secret ingredients in his sauces have the kids and I turning up our noses! The truth is that while I sometimes enjoy the creative aspect of trying out a new recipe, after a long day at work I would love if someone else could do the cooking for a change.

  • My kids’ rooms would be condemned by the Health Department, because even though I rant and rave about having them clean things up at least once a week, the rest of the time I just close their bedroom doors and pretend.
  • I still have jackets that don’t fit the kids or myself in our coat closet, and even though I keep telling myself that I have to get them out of there so we have more room, there they remain
  • If I had to choose between running and walking, walking would win hands down. (Sorry Molly!) I am a firm believer that you don’t run unless, A) someone is chasing you, or B) a bug has dropped on you. I still remember when my husband and I were engaged- I was trying to prove to my outdoorsman fiancĂ© that I could be a “nature lover” too, and I agreed to go for a walk in the woods. Well everything was fine until a spider (hate spiders!) dropped on me from a nearby tree branch. I took off in a flash and my husband claims I have never moved so fast.

  • I love anything and everything written by Jane Austen-I have all her novels and have most of the PBS and popular movies based on her novels, so I guess you could call me a romantic.

  • And last but not least, I am a closet pack rat, meaning I say I want to get rid of things but I want to do so at a garage sale that has never happened and may never will, so I store (or hide) things in boxes and bins down in my basement.
Well, you wanted honest, so I gave you honest… Since all these admissions have me pretty drained, I'm going to save my award recipient list for another post- I am off to wash my hands and make my bed, so goodnight everybody!


  1. Your honesty is refreshing! I too love to grab the least touched book or magazine. Always digging in the back for the "newest" one. I also became a huge germ-a-phob when I had my daughter. But you would hate to sleep in my bed...our sheets are always crooked and the bed is made half-assed. SORRY!

  2. I'm with you on the running thing. The only other reason I might run would be toward a pile of money that fell out of the sky.

  3. I love your posts! You always make me nod and say, "Me too!" You should see my coat closet. I still have the coat I wore to the hospital when I gave birth to my first son, almost 13 years ago. I also would rather walk. I can walk very fast. Like you, unless I'm being chased by a serial killer, I'll keep the running shoes at home. For some reason, I think I would look dorky running anyway :) I'm going to make the beds now.

  4. Glad you are back and congrats on your award!!! I haven't gotten around to forwarding your award, but I will, I promise!

    OK - THANK YOU for the unmade bed thing!!! I am just like that. No bed ever goes unmade over here. I have to have the bed made, even if I am sick, I sit ontop of it with a blanket!!! Everything looks so much better with a made bed.

    And I do the magazine thing too.

    And the H1N1 really freaked me out too and I was surprised it did and a tad disappointed in myself that it did, but we made it through unscathed... LOVE Purell, but my husband is not the nest at handwashing or using Purell and that drives me nuts, since he is in Sales and is around so many people.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  5. You can tell my mood by the status of my bed. When my life is crazed the bed stays unmade. When my life is calm, it's made. And when I'm at my happiest, the throw pillows actually get displayed :)

  6. I not only reach for the book behind all the other, I do that with everything, food, clothes, I want my items untouched too!

    I channelled you last night, I put A Christmas Story in the DVD player and wrapped presents, along with eggnog (spiked with bourbon of course!)

  7. Congrats on your awards! You deserve them. You blog is rockin. And by the way, you would die if you even spent time in my house. I never make any beds. Ever. Seriously.

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. Congrats on your award, and thanks for your honesty. I have coats in my closet that I haven't worn for more than two years - I'll be donating them soon, don't know why I've kept them.

    Happy holidays!! :)

  9. Congrats on the award! Very interesting and honest list too. I'm sure the parents of your students are very happy that you have been diligent with the hand sanitizer. I know I would be. It would be interesting to know if you've had less absences in your class due to illness because of it.

    I also have to go through my coat closet. I really want to donate our extras but it's so easy to forget about.

  10. Nice to meet you! I am a Jane Austin loving packrat too! Oh and the flat hair issue from your earlier post, don't even get me started.


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