Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking back to just relax (with a little Lionel Richie)...

Things are hectic in my world with many impending deadlines before the Easter holiday, soccer start up with my son, and my daughter's gymnastic season won't end for a couple more months, but I am doing my best to keep in touch with all of you. My post tonight is not what I had intended, but mental and physical fatigue always goes along with the pressures of not having enough time for what I have to do and want to do, and I decided once again to “look back” in order to relax.

I am a child of the 70s and 80s so I tend to look to music from those eras when I need a breather. Tonight is Tuesday so I am going to treat you to a favorite soothing tune of mine from the 80s-Lionel Richie, former lead singer of the Commodores, singing “Hello.” I will touch base with you later in the week with a longer post, I promise, but until then, sit back and enjoy!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and voting on that supermodelquin thing...crazy, isn't it? I personally despise those commercials on tv, but I figured, hey! $100,000! And like I said, I'm shameless... :) Glad you got a coupon though!

    I hear you about time being hectic. My blog has once again taken a back seat to real life. I never have enough time and I always feel guilty posting when I haven't had a chance to read or comment on anyone else. Hope things settle down for you! Happy Easter!

  2. Oh, yes, Lionel Richie before he was known as Nicole Richie's father.

  3. Take it easy, Susan! Hope you get to do everything that needs to be done, good luck :)

  4. That song was on the radio last night when we were tucking Emily into bed! We danced to it and then I had to explain who Lionel Ritchie was :-0

  5. OMG. This song totally TOTALLY takes me back. I can almost smell the Wet Rain hairspray and feel the tightrolled jeans around my ankles.

    Take care of yourself and hang in there! Big hugs, Naomi

  6. Hey Susan! You are a busy lady :) Hope you get a break soon. Love this song. I'm singing along now as I type. Thanks!

  7. Girl with the flour in her hair, no problemo-glad I could help. I'm glad you stopped by and I hope your life calms down as well.

    DG, that's how my students know him too. LOL!

    Hypermom, just one more day to a three day weekend...

    The Girl Next Door, they recently had "retro" day at school, and the kids all dressed in 80's clothing! That hurts.

    Organic Mom, yes, this was a biggie "back then." :(

    September Mom, I am going to play it again too. (It makes me happy...)

  8. Mommy is Green, thanks-I think so too!


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