Monday, March 15, 2010

Mabel's Labels BlogHer '10 Contest

The blog Magically Ordinary recently advertised a contest hosted by Mabel’s Labels -it seems the company is on the lookout for its next paid blogger but the contest ends tonight at 11:59, so head on over and check things out.

An electrical storm that has entered the area may wipe out Internet service forever, and I have one day left to tell the world what I am truly passionate about, so what would I write? At first I was dumbstruck-what is the last impression I would want to leave my blog community and how would those words describe me? Webster defines passion as, “the object of any strong desire,” and time after time, and post after post, I have written about what I love best-may family. Now I know I complain every now and then, like when I buy several pairs of black socks for my daughter’s gymnastics meets but by the end of the season she has only one black sock left, and where the others are remains a mystery.
Or when I find remnants of things gone wrong in the bathroom, but when I ask my son who did this, all I get is, “I don’t know.” (I have got to meet this “I don’t know” fellow because he is responsible for many of the mishaps that happen around here!) But there are many more moments, quick flashes in time, when I look at my kids and realize that they are what matters most in my life. They are my living, breathing legacy, and I want the whole world to learn about me through them.


  1. Your last sentence just blew me away. Gorgeous sentiment and expression of how parents feel about their kids. Love the honesty and emotion in your posts.

  2. I love this. The kids being your legacy. That is how I feel too.

  3. Those moments when you look at your kids and feel how much you love them is the best! I'm in total agreement.


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