Monday, August 2, 2010

Krispie Flip Flops (Summertime Challenge)

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a Rice Krispie summertime challenge for your kids-what type of summer treat could they make with Rice Krispie treats? Well my two kids were intrigued so off to the drawing board they went and this is what they came up with:  Krispie flip flops (on a stick).
 Here's my daughter's explanation on how to make them:
1.  Make the Rice Krispie treats.
2.  Cut them into feet using mom's foot cookie cutter.
3.  Push a Popsicle stick in the heel
4.  Use watermellon or strawberry flavored Laffy Taffy for the flip flop strap.  (Just bend it in a triangle and push it into the Krispie foot.  You might have to get mom to cut it.)
5.  Use a small piece of red licorice to connect to the laffy taffy strap and go between the big toe.  (You will need to get mom to cut the licorice into small pieces)
6.  Push M&Ms into the toes to make toenails.  (My brother wants to use colored icing and sprinkles for his toenails...)
7.  Enjoy your snack!
We also tossed the idea around about dipping them in chocolate (since I personally think anything tastes better with a little bit of chocolate), but my idea lost out. Still, it wouldn't be hard to dip the bottoms of the "feet" in melted chocolate, insert the Popsicle sticks, place them on a cookie tray lined with wax paper, then put them in the freezer for the chocolate to harden.  You could then decorate them like my kids did or eat them as is.

So, what type of summer snack would your kids make with Rice Krispie treats?  You might be pleasantly surprised! The contest has been extended to August 6th, so check it out...


  1. That's a good one! Very creative. I better get some ideas from my lazy gang. You should see those three boys just lounging right now. I have doubts whether there is any similar creativity flowing here. LOL. Good luck!

  2. Septembermom, well there was a little disagreement before they were through. I thought that they both could do drawings but re-read the rules and found out only one drawing could be entered. So, they had to both "create" on one piece of paper-yea, right. LOL!

  3. They have quite the good imagination. I love the idea of flip flop rice krispy treats. I think ya'll should win. Maybe it is because I like you so much too:)

  4. They nixed the chocolate idea? How are you raising these kids :-)

  5. Sweet! That is super creative. I myself am disgusted by feet but if I wasn't, I would totally eat those! :)


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