Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aging and Oddities: A losing battle?

It’s been ages since I did a truly personal post and that’s because I’m struggling with the direction I want my blog to take. I started a blog to get back into writing, share common experiences, and give helpful feedback concerning goods and services that you as a mother might be interested in.

At first things started slowly, and I kept things strictly business-like with reviews of my favorite vacation destination-Cape May, New Jersey. Then I bounced between day-to-day issues about being a mom and an occasional review. Then when we all headed back to school (me included) I didn’t have the time to be posting every night, and my interest in blogging waned.

Then something sparked my interest again, and that was a writing meme, and I was so excited that my posts became this and nothing more, so I decided to step back and think about what purpose I want my blog to serve. I decided on this plan of action-Sundays/Mondays I am reserving for the writing meme (writing the post and reading other member entries), Wednesday I will try to hop over to read updates on all of your blogs, Thursday will be my "personal" entry (anything from my life could end up here), and Saturday I will set aside for a review post (technology, books, etc.)

So that’s the plan, and since it’s Thursday I thought I would catch you up to speed with what’s been going round my head lately. Some of you may remember that I celebrated my birthday in December and it was a milestone birthday- one where you feel both excitement and dread at the same time, especially when you glance at all the candles covering your birthday cake! After blowing those candles out, I have come to realize something about aging. I am convinced that aging and personal oddities go hand in hand!

Let me explain. Everyone has their own sets of likes and dislikes and idiosyncrasies ("quirks"), and as I get older, I notice that mine have doubled, maybe even tripled in number. I’ve listed some of my old habits along with my new habits-see if you can identify with any of these (and I am really hoping you do!):

Then: I never liked getting my hands dirty.
Now: Hand washing has become a compulsion, and having kids hasn’t helped-something yucky was always coming out of them, at the top or the bottom!
Now: I can’t stand for my hands to be sticky or wet either, and I have to drop everything and wash them off. And speaking of wet, I literally can’t stand if my sleeves get wet. It’s like I get this sickening feeling in my gut when water drips down my sleeves and down my arm…

Then: I always wear socks on my feet because when my feet are cold, my whole body gets cold.
Now: I rarely walk around anywhere, even on the beach, without something on my feet. In fact, while my kids and husband run around the house in bare feet, I sit here with both shoes and socks on!

Then: I reach for the magazine at the back of the rack because it’s crisper and less smudgy.
Now: I don’t take the first of anything in a rack or shelf-books, cards, clothing, etc, and I can’t stand for someone to wrinkle up the newspaper before I have read it. And don’t let me go on about reading my magazine before I do either! (I think this one might be genetic because I remember my father having a fit if we went through his paper before he did.)

Now: I disagree that this is a bizarre habit, but my husband says that I just started doing this a couple months ago and it’s weird (in his opinion of course.) If we use a regular plate as a serving dish, I put these in the sink to wash instead of putting it in the dishwasher, although I don’t see anything wrong with this…

Well, I know there are others, but I'm getting tired and I don't want you to think I'm a total crack pot.  Tell me, am I alone, or do you see yourself doing odd things too?  Well, I have to go wash my hands and head to bed, so goodnight everybody!


  1. At the shop, I always take the newspaper under the top one, because I always think that the TV Guide or Living Section or whatever, might be missing from the top one.

  2. Sounds reasonable to me Tropical Mum!

  3. I always pick from the back of the rack, too!

  4. I have a few too. I don't like touching the buttons on the elevators at work, I use my knuckles, I know it's silly but I just can't touch them with my fingers. I don't like touching the door handles in the bathroom at work, but that's because there are some ladies who don't wash their hands!!!I know, gross! Also, I crank the paper holder thing in the bathroom before I wash my hands so that my clean hands won't touch the "dirty" lever to get a paper towel to dry my hands. You are definitely not alone.

  5. Mama Zen, thanks for confirming again that this is "sane." My husband thinks it's weird...

    Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape, I'm getting really germaphobic too, but I work with kids all day-let's just say the kleenex box is as far away from my desk as possible. LOL!

  6. No. No I see no oddness at all. We pretty much could be twins separated last week ; )The only difference is, I can't stand to go barefoot but hate wearing regular shoes around the house, so when I'm home I'm always in slippers or flip flops.

  7. Susan, I thought I was the only one who hates wet sleeves. Drives me crazy. I also like to take magazines from the back of the rack. I think that my oddities are increasing daily sometimes :)

  8. septembermom, I just started with the sleeve thing-go figure huh? I'll even change my shirt if the sleeves get wet. LOL!


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