Thursday, March 3, 2011

Book Blurb Friday #1

Did you every fantasize about that next great novel? Well, here might be your chance. Lisa Ricard Claro, from Writing in the Buff is starting a new writing meme called Book Blurb Friday. All you have to do is look at a picture she posts on her site like it is that next big novel, and write a book jacket blurb in 150 words or less. Then just link your post to her site, and sit back and enjoy some of the other participant stories.

I was really excited about Lisa's idea, but it proved harder that I thought. (In fact, I hate to admit it but it took over an hour to get my words just right, and another 20 minutes for a title-maybe you can do better!)

Anyway, here is the book cover picture

And here is my entry.

They Only Call at Night...

Everyone is dying to get into The Vue HarborEast condominiums. Who wouldn’t want to live in a quiet, majestic tower residence with views of the harbor? And Dana Parker, an up and coming reporter at WBALTV, is no exception.

Dana breezes in and out of her new condo residence always looking for that break out story to get her noticed. She partners up with Tom Clancy and Melanie Ambridge, her co-workers, on her time off, and likes that her neighbors keep to themselves.

But Dana’s desire for fame might come at a price; her once ideal home and silent neighbors become the subject of an investigation, and as the death toll mounts, Dana’s professional and personal life will now be inextricably linked.

Strange horrors are happening at night, but will the culprits be caught, or will Dana become the morning news?

(146 words with the title-but you don't have to count it)

So what do you think? I can't wait to read your stories too!  (*I came back and reworked my next to the last paragraph a little bit, increasing my word count by five, but I like it better...)


  1. Well, I'll buy it! It sounds like a terrific story! :) Thanks so much for playing along.

    I had a tough time keeping mine under 150 words. This was a challenge, but fun. Like you, I want to cut down the time it takes to put this together. Practice! Next week's "cover" is there to start thinking about. :)

  2. That would definately be on my shelf based on that blurb! I want to read it now. Great job!

  3. That was excellent. I loved how you've brought a speculative edge to a mystery novel!

  4. Susan, this is wonderful! I LOVED it!! Excellent job!! This IS fun, isn't it?

  5. Nice job - you too need to write the book!

  6. Very nice blub. Draws reader right in, wanting more of young reporters story.

  7. Oooohhhh, sounds like a good book! You roped me in! That would be a hard thing to do. You have to be creative!!

  8. Goodness, Dana has pluck - I hope she manages to stay safe!

  9. I want to read it! When does it come out in paperback?

  10. Mystery, murder, suspense, sci-fi - wow, it has it all! :D

    Definitely one for my kindle one day!

    I wonder which of us will be the first to get a book blurb novel published! lol


  11. That's great! Better than most of the real ones I've read : )

  12. Very nice blurb! Definitely makes me want to read the book (if there was one!)


  13. Definitely makes me want to read the book too.

    Arrielle P


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