Monday, April 18, 2011

Succinctly Yours #4

Why not join me in another writing meme that piggybacks on the idea started by Susan of the Stony River blog. The meme is called Succinctly Yours and  you can click her very stylish header above or right here at Grandma Goulash. Grandma posts a picture each Monday and you are to write a 140 character or word story about it. You can also use the word of the day in your post if you wish. This week's word: request, and this week's picture with my take:

There they sat, comparing their lives, each one impressed by the other, and each wishing he had a little more time to try something new. (136 characters)

I know a lot of you went with humor, but I just wasn't up to it-it was a long day...  I do wonder what these gentleman might have been talking about.  Well, I'm off to take a look at your stories-I certainly could use some laughter this evening.


  1. I like how you focused on the intensity of their discussion. I'm so curious to know what they could have been talking about.

    Well done Susan!

  2. I wonder what they might have been talking about,too. Maybe about their kids and grand kids:)

    I haven't been around lately.Miss your site.
    Happy Easter, Susan!

  3. Not humorous, but still pretty good!

  4. No different from us perhaps? I'm impressed with this and I wish I had time to try more new things too.

  5. Ah, we never seem to have the time, do we?

  6. I really like this, Susan! Ford and Edison did admire each other and they were always coming up with something new, so "Carpe diem" was probably the outlook on life of each of them. Well done!

  7. I like how you wrote the gentlemen wished they had time to try something new. Sometimes I wonder if I'm trying to get out there and do things enough.

    Are you having an exhausted week like me, Susan? Lol! I've been dragging this week. The gloomy weather doesn't help either.

  8. Since they're older guys, I just know that they were probably telling really interesting tales!

  9. The fun of this is the variety of ideas. Yours presents a snapshot of two men rather than two icons. Lovely.


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