Sunday, June 19, 2011

My poor dog got a haircut (and Succinctly Yours!)

This guy actually has more hair than ours right now...
My poor dog-let's just say that he may be the funniest looking dog in the neighborhood. He's a Havanese, and if you are familiar with the breed it's a cute, silky, long haired dog of about 14 lbs. I should emphasize that silky refers to his hair and not fur, because it is so fine, you need to brush the dog at least 3 times a week to stay after any knots that develop. (Unlike other dog breeds, knots don't break off when you brush-I often have to separate them with my fingers because hitting them with a comb hurts him...)

Now his hair is perfect for cording because it is always knotting up anyways, but to cord a Havanese you need to completely let their entire coat knot up (and you give them weekly baths without combing afterward to speed up the process.) The thing is, the dog will look really, really bad until he is finally done and you separate these little braids, and I'm afraid everyone will think were abusing him. The only way to go back from cords is to cut them all off, and I'm not real big on the look...

Anyway, I am the only one with the patience to brush him-he doesn't like it and believe it or not he is worse on a grooming table that the Siberian Husky we used to have! My husband and I really went to town on him  before we went away Memorial Day weekend because I knew that he would get some tangles at the boarders-well, the some that he did get I couldn't get out because they were just too close to the skin, although I have been trying each week to tackle a little at a time. So, we had no other choice but to shave him down.

We left his hair and beard long (I just trimmed a couple inches off the length), and now he looks like a cross between a lion and a small dog. Plus, to top everything off, he got a bath, and now he is staying as far away from me as he can. (He still likes my husband, and he's the one that did the shaving! LOL!) I'll post a couple pictures of him after I stop laughing get used to it.  He had this done once before when it got bad, and in about 6 months time it will be long again.

Now it's time for Succinctly Yours, another writing meme that piggy backs on the idea of Susan of the Stony River Blog. Grandma Goulash posts a picture and you are to write a 140 character or word story about it. You can also use the word of the day in your post if you wish.  This week's word is fabricate. Here is the picture and my story:
Sir Reginald grinned. "The mirror says my chiseled chin and aquiline nose mean I'm destined for greatness, and I couldn't agree more!" (an amusing 138 characters)

I am betting that many of you saw the humor in this picture, but I am curious if anyone went for the "fairest of them all" (I almost did-LOL!)I can't wait to come by.


  1. Cute dog. My uncle had a dog like that for years.
    And yes... that is indeed achistled chin. Makes for a good leader (just ask George Washington).

  2. Oh a magic mirror, what fun!

  3. I could just hear him saying that, although it never occurred to me when I first looked at the pic. Many folks saw a magnifying glass. I did one mf with a mirror, but it wasn't focused on Sir Reginald's handsome face!

    Poor doggie. There is nothing worse than trying to get tangles out of hair. My granddaughter will sympathize.

  4. Sir Reginald has quite a high opinion of himself! LOL Great first laugh of the day. Thanks!

    Poor pooch! I know exactly the look you're talking about, because we used to have a Samoyed and shaved her down every June so she'd be comfortable in this Southern heat. The first time, they did just what you described. They shaved everything but her head and the very end of her tail. LOL She wasn't little, either; she weighed about 65 pounds. She looked ridiculous. She was so embarrassed when we first brought her home! And even our Golden Retriever looked at her like, "Woman, what the hell did you do to your hair!" LOL So funny. But we all got used to it, she had a comfy summer, and by October she was beautiful again. :)

  5. Can't wait to see the photos of your dog:-)

    How clever to see a mirror rather than a magnifying glass - very good.

  6. Great idea to make it a mirror. Makes sense.

  7. Your dog is adorable and he is a good sport for putting up with all that untangling and shaving!

    I loved your view of the object in the man's hand as a mirror! That never occurred to me-I immediately saw it as a magnifying glass. He does look like someone who might be full of himself!

  8. Indeed, he destined to greatness. Nice one. Looking forward to some nice new dog photographs :-)

  9. Well, he has a healthy ego. LOL

    The dog is cute!

  10. Aagghh, my comment got lost when I tried to edit it. I remember I mentioned Sir Reginald's narcissism, and our Golden Retriever Lindy getting shaved.
    Sigh. Comments are some of my best work. LOL
    Very good take on the prompt, Susan. Most of us, I think, saw a magnifying glass, probably because of Sir Reginald's posture.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. I need a mirror like that one! LOL

  12. You did good, Susan! Both with the dog and with your µ-fiction story. Your fellow does look 'cut out' for detective work. His profile reminds me of Dick Tracy. Guess that jutting chin helps somehow with this line of work.

    I'm running late on this. Thank you very much for peeking in on my detective who found the incriminating gnat hair.
    Oh yes, we don't have the courage to clip completely our toy poodle. We do trim her some between grooming.
    You are welcome to come try on her now after yours.

  13. Your descriptions of your dog completely crack me up!

  14. That was very amusing! I love the character name Sir Reginald. Very fitting for this one.

    Funny to read all about your adventures with your dog. LOL

  15. What a sweet puppy, we have on occassion shaved our border collie near naked in attempt to cut down on shedding.

    I like your take on the SY photo.


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