Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend wrap up (and Succinctly Yours!)

Silly 'ole bear!
We were quite busy this weekend; it seems somebody (it must have been me)mentioned to my son that we could redo his bedroom this summer-he still had Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore painted on the walls from when he was a baby (not to mention clouds on the ceiling and balloons)and he was so embarrassed by it that he covered up my masterpieces with super hero posters. (Yes, I was the crazy one who at five months pregnant decided to draw the three characters free-hand, paint them, and then get up on a ladder to do clouds on the ceiling-I did the step ladder thing when my husband was at work, and probably not the smartest thing...) Needless to say, it was a lot of work, and although I know he wanted a more grown up room, I hated to see the "nursery" go...

I will miss Piglet too!  He was over the changing table...
It was pouring down rain when we did this Friday, so our timing couldn't have been better. My son and I worked on just one wall Friday, and they we enlisted the help of my husband and daughter Saturday. It took all day Saturday -we moved out most of the furniture and toys, tarped the floor, my husband did the ceiling, and then we all did the walls. It took two coats, and I think it turned out pretty good. We are doing a Star Wars theme-I ordered a couple Star Wars giant posters, a 3 foot tall peel and stick Yoda, and then he wants glow in the dark "dot" stars on the ceiling. He wanted the ceiling blue as well, and we did it to try it out, but I think it's way to dark in his room now, so I'm hoping to convince him to go with a traditional white to match his trim...(A request was also put in for a life sized Darth Vader that I would paint, but I'm trying to push him away from this-mucho work and I don't think Lord Vader would show up well with the dark blue background.)  I'll put up more pictures when we do the posters. Have any of you done themes for your kids' rooms? 

I made my son to the lower areas-now I need to touch up the trim, LOL!

Now it's time for a lighter note and Succinctly Yours, another writing meme that piggy backs on the idea of Susan of the Stony River Blog.

Grandma Goulash posts a picture and you are to write a 140 character or word story about it. You can also use the word of the day in your post if you wish. This week's word is renegade. Here is the picture and my story:

With their small boat broken by rocks near the shoreline, the kids could only wait, but help did come-in the form of another small boat! (136 characters)

I can't wait to stop by and see what everyone else did. (I had a hard time with this week's photo.)


  1. Hi Susan ~~ This might be the end of their Gilligan's Island before it ever began.
    Love it, really nice! You did good with the prompt picture.

  2. Forgot to mention that when our daughter was a pre-teen she wanted her room redone. One whole wall ended up purple as well as the basketball goal post beside the driveway.
    I hope you son like it and it will last as long as his first one that you did. :)

  3. Ah you spotted the boat and used it very well!

  4. And the kids had only gone out for a three hour tour. Hurray for the rescue boat! Too bad Gilligan et al didn't have such luck!

  5. Great take on the photo. I wish I was on the beach with them!

    We never did a theme (your Pooh art work is amazing). When my 24-year-old moved into her own apartment after college, my youngest moved into her sister's larger bedroom. She had a crazy idea, and we went with it. Surprisingly, it looks awesome. White ceiling and trim, two opposing walls, black (yes, black). My hubby tarped everything, and we got Christina about 8 of those little pint-sized paints (Lowe's or Home Depot sells them). She literally splattered the black walls with 8 different colors (fun times), then chose two colors (green and hot pink) for the other two walls. I know, it sounds like it might give you a migraine, but it's awesome, and a perfect fit for her creative personality. I love the look for a teenager (and our cool factor went up by at least 20% with her friends). My husband has nightmares about eventually having to paint over it all, though. LOL

  6. Ah saved at last!

    I like it. :)

  7. Oh, so sweet to read about your son's rite of passage from the 100 Acre Woods to --yikes!-- Darth Vadar. Moments like this cause us to realize how quickly that precious time passes. Never did themes for rooms, but centered on color, textures, and pattern.

    He must be so excited to have his new room!

  8. Well at least help is on the way! I bet they would have had fun - at least for a while. :D

    Your pictures made me think of the playroom my daughter did for my granddaughter, She painted the cathedral ceiling in sky blue with a sun and white clouds. The top half of the walls had a little sky and then mountains and a path. Along the path, and off it too, were many characters including Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Sesame Street characters, Teletubbies, and some other storybook ones like the Pokey Puppy. At least 20, although I've lost track. The bottom was white with slightly recessed panels in primary colors and a few in black, which was chalkboard paint. As she got a bit older, her mom started working on Disney princesses. It was truly amazing. We were saved a paint over, since we moved to Memphis before my granddaughter tired of it. I think that's justs as well - so much work goes into that, as I'm sure you know.

  9. Very nice MF story. Thanks for the smile! :-)

  10. I can see why you would be sad to cover them. You did such a wonderful job! In our first house we had a playroom and I let the kids paint on the walls. I had scribbles to stick figures and the transition to their growing skills. One year during a Christmas party, members of my family started wandering in and painting. My mom, sister, etc. It was like a family mural. It broke my heart when we moved and had to paint over it. I couldn't watch.

    Shipwrecked children! I bet there is a mom manning that boat: )

  11. I love your story about redoing your son's room. It reminded me of when my older son suddenly decided he was too cool to have Star Wars sheets and curtains any more...LOL.

    And your MF is great! It definitely looks like a rescue. I'm afraid I was devoid of all inspiration this week...:)

  12. Susan, those pictures were so cute. How sweet to think of you painting those with love while pregnant.

    Your story is great! Hooray for the boat!


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