Thursday, August 11, 2011

Camping pictures (and Book Blurb Friday!)

As promised, here are a few pictures of the family camping trip (minus one of course...)
Here is night number one-notice how differently my son and daughter sleep!

A picturesque setting...
Daddy does the cooking (and the kids said he did great.) Hmm...

The last day there it poured off and on all day, but no leaks!
Does this get you yearning for the great outdoors? For some of you (like me) probably not-LOL!

Well, at least I have:


Book Blurb Friday! This is where Lisa Ricard Claro, from Writing in the Buff, posts a picture meant to serve as a fictional book cover. It's your job to write a blurb about the book in 150 words or less to entice a prospective reader. Are you up to the challenge? Here is this week's picture and my story:

The Man They all Forgot

Madison had been married to Asher less than a year when she began to see signs that something wasn’t right. Instead of growing closer, they were growing apart-her husband stayed late at the office, took strange phone calls at all hours, and when she questioned him, he accused her of not trusting him anymore.

Madison felt like she was living with a stranger, and she was ready to call it quits when Asher convinced her to wait. After his business trip in Rome, he would explain everything, but that day never came, and it was if he never existed-his coworkers acted like they never knew him, the airline had no record of his getting on or off the plane, and his parents they said he died years ago.

Madison would now study the past year, searching for clues, anything that might help her find the man they all forgot… (149 words-cutting it close!)

I thought I would have a hard time with this week's picture, but the words just flew on the page. I had to do some major cutting to get it under the 150 word limit though. I can't wait to see what everyone else did!


  1. I'm not surprised to hear that words flew easily, so did the reading. I'm so disappointed that this is only a blurb. It would make an awesome novel. Page-turner is an understatement!

  2. Excellent...filled with mystery of the unknown. It's like a good segment of the Twilight Zone. I want to find out just what Madison discovers.


  3. I like it! Who is this mystery man? This is a story I'd read.

  4. Weird, but it wouldn't let me leave a comment at first! Anyway, you had me at the title and then it just got even better from there. I LOVE psychological thrillers, and I'm already hoping someone will buy the movie rights to this one.

  5. Love the blurb. I like to be the reader who goes along on her journey to hunt for clues.

    I'm glad there were no leaks. LOL

  6. I have to say that looks like such a pretty place that it might be worth sleeping on the ground. Very intriguing blurb!

  7. Doing double duty visiting this week. I could see myself settling to read this story.


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