Friday, September 2, 2011

A little bit of this and that (and Book Blurb Friday!)

My mind and life is so jumbled lately, but I thought I would reveal a couple highlights, and they revolve around my son.
  • My son has developed a habit I am desperately hoping to break him of-everything that pops into his head comes out his mouth, and I mean everything! I admit that some of what he says is downright funny, and my husband and I have shared moments where we laughed like crazy at something he said (when he is not within earshot of course.) But no amount of, "Listen to what you say in your head before letting it come out your mouth," seems to be working. The other morning I did a quick blow dry prior to my usual straightening when my son walked into the bathroom. Our conversation is as follows:
My son: Woa, mom! What's with your hair?
Me: I haven't straightened it yet. He stood there very quietly for a couple minutes watching me brush my hair before I tackled the unruly mess with the straightener.
My son: You know something mom?
Me: No, what?
My son: If your nose was a little more pointy, and you were wearing a pointy black hat...
My son was comparing me to a witch for crying out loud! I wouldn't let him utter the rest and once again reminded him about thinking things through first. Now I admit, my hair was sort of witchy-looking, and it is kind of funny now, but he has said very blunt and hurtful things to his sister lately, so the sooner he gets a handle on this, the happier everyone will be.

  • My son decided at the end of last Spring that he didn't like soccer much anymore and really who could blame him-all that endless running up and down the field in games where goals were made, but no one officially kept score. His latest passion? Baseball. Something clicked in the boy after my husband bought him his first aluminum bat, and now all he wants to do in the evenings is batting practice. The problem with this is that he wants the most non-athletic person in our family-yours truly-to pitch to him when his dad works late.

    Well, since hubby has been working a lot of evenings lately, little old me has been trying my best to pitch to my budding baseball star. We started using tennis balls for practice because I have lobbed the poor kid more times than I care to admit, and I've blamed it on everything from the sun's in my eyes to it's getting too dark to see, but the fact is, I don't know where the ball is going once it leaves my hand! You would think my son would wise up and just wait until daddy can practice with him, but he doesn't.

    Sometimes we're in stitches over one of my wild throws, but I do see some improvement to my form-he is hitting more and more of what I throw him. And even though I still have that moment of dread when he asks me to play, when I'm old and gray I know I will look back on this and smile-I'm hoping he does too...
I'm so glad it's time for:


Book Blurb Friday! This is where Lisa Ricard Claro, from Writing in the Buff, posts a picture meant to serve as a fictional book cover. It's your job to write a blurb about the book in 150 words or less to entice a prospective reader. Are you up to the challenge? Here is this week's picture and my story:

The Moment of Truth

Alana Anderson had always been ordinary. She came from a working class family in a poorer section of town, worked her way through school only to land a mediocre job in finance, but she was just hours from marrying His Royal Highness, the Prince of Dunbar.

Things started out simple enough-a case of mistaken identity brought Alana face to face with the Prince on a daily basis, but slowly things started spiraling out of control. As time went by, it became harder and harder for her to break free from what had once been an innocent charade, but she decided she didn’t want to live a lie anymore.

But someone else knew Alana’s secret, and he threatened that if she ever revealed her true identity, her prince would pay with his life. (132 words)

This is way under my usual word counts, but I'm out of practice-I really regret missing last Friday, but I was just so tired... Hope to stop by and read all of yours tomorrow!


  1. This reads like a fun romance novel, and you know I love romance. The mistaken identity is a great hook, the hero being a prince is another great hook, and then you toss me a mysterious bad guy at the end. Great blurb!

    Your stories about your son closely parallel mine, and my "little guy" is 29 now, so I'm living proof you'll survive. When Joey was about 10 he was following me upstairs and suddenly blurted, "Mom, how come your legs jiggle when you go upstairs?" LOL That was one of many. My son also played baseball, from T-ball up through high school. I got pretty good with a mitt and at pitching (keep practicing Mom, you'll improve) but I never could hit the ball. :)

  2. Ooer, Alana - what have you let yourself in for? What a dilemma!

  3. Sounds like a royal read...a prince and intrigue!

  4. love your story about Alana, oh the drama! would love to hear what's next.

    Your son is so funny, I think it's a thing with boys because I've had my moments with my twelve year old. I posted something that happened lately that he said that had me shaking my head. But I guess boys will be boys.

  5. A bit of a Cinderella tale with a very deadly twist. I'd love to know how this story is resolved.

  6. I too love the romantic twist to your fun blurb! And I enjoyed the stories about your son. Good idea to write down those quotes because those stages only feel like they last forever!

  7. Romance and Intrigue, very good choice!

    Once again your son reminds me of my youngest daughter. No Filter on that girl! And don't feel too bad about your aim. Awhile back I posted a picture of a softball that was lost for about six years and chances are I was the one who threw it in the bushes : )

  8. Really intriguing synopsis almost like a Prince Charles and Lady Diana kinda tale.. And though I don't have children...I have been around enough nephews and nieces to know that they never put a filter on their thoughts and that's want makes their opinions that much more honest and endearing(atleast to family)


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