Monday, August 10, 2009

"On the Way to Cape May" Beaches

Cape May Beach

The beach

Ok, so you now know all about Cape May's atmosphere and your best bets when it comes to accommodations, but you still don’t know anything about the beach itself. The Cape May area consists of several sections, and beaches are located in the heart of Cape May and at the very tip of New Jersey known as Cape May Point. The beaches today are long and narrow due mainly to the Canal the Army Corps of Engineers dug from New Jersey to Delaware Bay during World War II, and the extreme erosion to the shore this eventually caused. The sand remains North of Cape May and refills the beaches on the neighboring resort town of Wildwood, so most of what you walk on is replenished sand brought in by the government years back. Today I will focus on the area in the heart of Cape May

If you stay in Cape May, you will probably spend most of your time in the main beach area that runs along Beach Avenue from Pittsburg Avenue to Second Street. You can access this beach at any time but you will have to pay to use it between 11 AM and 5 PM. (Paying to access the beach is not a unique thing in New Jersey, and the general consensus is that the "pay" beaches tend to be cleaner than other areas. At least the upkeep of this region is a lot more detailed.) The cost of entry depends on how many days you use this beach, but it cost $13 per person for a week, $10 for three days, and kids under 12 are free. Vacationers that spend the entire summer season in Cape May purchase a season tag that runs from about $15 to $25 depending on the date of order, and the earlier the purchase the better.

Regardless of which plan you choose, you won’t be sorry because the sand is soft but not gritty and fine like you find on some of the southern state beaches. And this unique texture makes it easier to remove from your feet, but I also have a special secret when it comes to removing sand from your feet, and that is baby powder. The baby powder actually adheres to the wet sand so removal is that much easier, so just sprinkle it on any areas covered with sand and then brush the sand off. (I always carry some in the beach bag.)

Cape May waves

The ocean

Cape May Beaches are great for small children because even in high tide the surf is not too powerful, but I am not saying that you should let your guard down because you definitely can get a one-two punch on occasion. You will also have a front row seat when it comes to dolphin watching because they often feed along the shoreline throughout the day, so be sure to pack your binoculars for a closer look, then sit back and relax because isn't that why you're here?

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