Friday, August 14, 2009

Get to the Point, Cape May Point I mean...

Cape May Point

Cape May Lighthouse

A trip to Camp May should also include a visit to Cape May Lighthouse situated near the tip of New Jersey in Cape May Point State Park. The lighthouse is over 150 feet high and visitors can make the climb to the top in only 199 steps -yes, that's right-on a winding metal staircase to get a breathtaking view of the Cape May Peninsula below. view from lighthouse
For some reason my family and I have always included this climb in every one of our visits to Cape May, and I remember one harrowing time when my then 3 year old refused to be carried and made the decent one step at a time, literally. My husband and I were both sweating bullets by the time we got back down on the ground
The Point is also home to many migratory birds so if you are a birder, you can get a good look from both the lighthouse and from some wooden platforms on trails throughout the park. Walking the trails is a very peaceful way to appreciate the surroundings, and a nice break away from the roaring surf.

WWII bunker

As you make your way to the beach, a massive concrete structure is sure to catch your eye. This was once part of a defense plan during World War II, and the park itself used to be a military base. The bunker had been high atop a hill, but now as more evidence of beach erosion, it is much closer to the surf.



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