Thursday, September 24, 2009

Addicted to Blogging

I have a problem: I am addicted to blogging and everything that it entails, but I don’t think there is a 12 step program that can help me, or even a name for this ailment, so like a good blogger, I will enlighten you, my blogging compatriots, in the hopes that it will help end my suffering and possibly yours.

How this all started

The predicament I’m in sort of snuck up on me, so I am not really sure exactly when the addiction was formed, but I do know that I lacked a creative outlet and a friend suggested I start a blog. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday.
Said the friend, “I read that if you want to get back into writing you should start a blog.”
To which I quickly replied, “A what? A log?”

“Not a log, a BLOG. You can write about anything.” Hmm… Would anyone listen to what I had to say?

The listeners in my life: Students

My students don’t listen.
Here’s a conversation I had on Tuesday:

“Complete the questions from section 2 on page 27 for Thursday. You will have two days to do them, and you don’t have to include the vocabulary terms. We will go over those tomorrow in class.”

“Do we have to do the vocabulary terms?”

“No, you don’t have to do the vocabulary terms.”

Thursday rolls around and these are the comments from several students:
“I thought you said we only had to do the vocabulary terms?”

“No, she said we wouldn’t have homework for two days.”
“We had homework today?”
“I just did question number 27.”
And people wonder why teachers need time off in the summer…

My husband

My husband listens occasionally (at least I like to think he does) but he isn’t very reliable.
(Me)”Are you going to pick her up from practice tonight so I can go work out?”
(Him) “Sure, sure.”
45 minutes later when I am at the gym, my cell phone rings.
(Him)“Are you going to pick her up tonight?”
(Um, didn't I have this conversation? I am getting that "deja vous" feeling...)
(Me) “I thought you said you would do it?”
(Him) “Yea, I guess I can do it. Do you want me to take the boy?” (This is how we sometimes refer to my son, but that’s a whole other post).
(Me) “Well, I am almost done, but I don’t know if I can make it home before you have to leave…”
(Him) “Ok, well do your best.”
I call 10 minutes later
(Me-being the helpful person that I am) “I’m on my way home. You won’t have to take him with you.”
(Him)"Oh, you don't have to rush home. I'm taking him with me."
I decide to just roll my eyes and sweetly end the conversation.

My kids

Then there are my children. I hope to instill in them worldly wisdom and good communication skills (this includes listening), but I am afraid I have an uphill battle ahead.

“You need to pick your toys before going outside.”
(Ten minutes later my son is outside and his toys are still scattered all over his room, but I realize I hadn’t made eye contact with him when I said this, so I broke a cardinal rule when it comes to compliance from my kids.)

I yelled from the kitchen window, “I asked you to clean up your room.”

“You did?”
“Yes, I did (eye contact made.) Come in and take care of it then you can go back outside.”
I busy myself with laundry and ten minutes goes quickly by. I go to my son’s bedroom to put his pile of clothes on his bed. There are the!*!*#!! Toys!!!!
I am shouting from the window, “Get in here and put away your toys!”
“I have to do it now?” (one, two, three, implode!)
Then there is my daughter. I make eye contact, she smiles in agreement, and then she does exactly what I told her not to do.
“Hey, don’t put that pencil on the couch.”
She smiles sweetly, “Ok mom.”
When she is done doing her homework and leaves the room, there is her blankety blank pencil lying on the couch!
“Why did you leave your pencil on the couch?”
She is still smiling sweetly and I am seething, “Oh, I forgot.”

Addiction or passion?

After further review of my sorry state, I have come to the joyful conclusion that blogging may now be an addiction of mine, but the people in my life drove me to it, and I think without it I will slowly lose whatever sanity I have left. So here’s to all you fellow blogger aficionados out there. Thanks for listening.


  1. No, no thank you! I also suffer from this addiction...and at least this way I can pretend people are listening to me!

    Think there's a Blogger's Intervention Program?

  2. Isn't passion just a part of addiction? :) I can get really addicted to things like blogging and writing. I tend to have some obsessive compulsive tendencies... like thinking about what I might blog about the next day, as I'm falling asleep for the night :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Your comment cracked me up! I would never get mad about something like that. By the way, this wasn't the first time I "bleeped" up for a kid either. Totally did it to my oldest. I'm such an idiot. Thanks so much for following - you rock!


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