Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wealthy Wednesday

No, I didn't come into money or anything-my meaning today is more in the lines of "wealth of information," but it certainly got your attention didn't I?

Award Winners

I am behind on bestowing the Kreative Blogger Award to the newest recipients, so I will get right to it. Now the rules for this award are as follows:
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Now drum roll please...The blogs that are the most creative because of content, site appearance (or both), and because I turn to these blogs the most for my reading enjoyement, are:(I apologize to anyone who may have received this award already):

I also just got this loyal blogger award from Christine from Chrisitnes Home Place (Thank you Christine!) so I would like to pass this on to my faithful followers. Here's my list:
(Some of you are not seeing double, you are just being doubly honored!)
I really appreciate all the kindness and support I have received from each and everyone of you. Take a bow ladies because you deserve it!

Movie Reviews

Now if you would like to add to your kids DVD collection for Christmas but are unsure of which of the new DVD releases you should purchase, I can point you in the right direction.

One to pass on

My kids and I missed the Monsters Vs. Aliens movie when it was in the theatres, but after renting it last weekend on DVD, I am glad we did. (If you haven’t rented from the Red Box Kiosks you should try this -rentals are only $1 through your debit or credit card, and you have until the next evening to return them. It’s a $1 a day late fee for every day late, but since most kiosks are in pretty useful locations-we have some at the grocery store and outside of Walgreen’s-we have always returned the movies on time.)

The major story line revolves around a young woman who gets hit by a large meteor on her wedding day and grows both in size and strength until she towers over just about everything. She is captured by the government and thrown in prison with other captured monsters-yes I said that right-monsters, and there are no plans for her release ever. Ok, so if you have small children who are scared of the so called “boogey man”, the monster premise will not win them over. Then add in the violence that occurs when the aliens attack to get their power rock back (and believe me, there is plenty of that including several scenes where beings are being pulverized), and you have a pretty undesirable kids movie, at least in my eyes. I watched it with my kids and there weren’t many areas where they laughed, in fact, the movie watching experience was mostly done in complete silence, except for a few groans coming from me.

One to get

Now one movie that I saw with my kids this summer is on DVD as well, and this one is worth a purchase. We did make the mistake of seeing the 3D version and I almost passed out when I found out how much the tickets were- my hands were shaking as I handed the money over to the woman at the ticket counter! The fact is the 3D effects really didn’t add that much to the movie, and the only thing we got out of watching it was some additional 3D glasses. (The theatre wanted us to recycle the glasses on our way out, but we paid for those things with the extra cost of the tickets, so I was planning on taking with me-we have a couple 3D movies at home. However, I almost had to drop the glasses in the recycling box after hearing- “Mom, MOM don’t walk away. The sign says we should recycle our glasses. Mom?” I was almost trotting down the ramp like a common thief, but I whispered to her when she got up that we were recycling them at home…)

Anyway, the story starts off by giving a little background information about the old man and his relationship with his wife. Without giving the major points of the plot away I will just say that the man then sets sail for a rather remote country in South America with an unexpected stow away, and the way he makes the trip and what happens when he gets there are far from normal, but the story is both delightful and heartwarming all the same. The kids really enjoyed this movie, as did I, so it will definitely be on our Christmas video lists this year. (Photos © Disney/Pixar)

A movie for mom

I don’t purchase many movies with the exception of anything from a Jane Austen novel-this would include the Bridget Jones movies since they were based off of Pride and Prejudice. But, I might start making some exceptions, and one movie I might add would be Management. I rented this last weekend too mainly because I enjoy movies with Jennifer Aniston, but the performer I enjoyed the most was her co-star, Steve Zahn. I have seen him in bit parts such as the sci-fi geek in Daddy Daycare, but he stole the movie from Aniston because I liked his character more. The tale is about Zhan’s characters lack of a life really-he is the night manager of his parents’ hotel, and that’s how he meets Aniston’s character. The story continues with his “at no cost” pursuit of her halfway across the country and many funny things happen as a result, and yes, there are tears, so if you like rooting for the underdog you will enjoy this avant-garde love story.

I hope you enjoyed your wealth of entertainment information this evening, and I hope you are richly rewarded tomorrow with beautiful weather and a treasure chest full of happy memories! Ok, I will stop with the money comparisons and just wish you all a Goodnight.


  1. Susan, thank you so much for both awards. I'm very honored, and you are very kind.

  2. You're so sweet!! Thank you so much :)

    I love visiting you here!

  3. Congrats on your awards and great movie reviews. I had no idea what to think of Up. I haven't had the time to look up what it's actually about and never understood the commercials. We may put it on our list, the kids are just starting to get into movies. Management sounds great. I love Steve Zahn. Of course, ask me what he's been in and I can't tell you anything off the top of my head but I always find him a riot. He never seems to get a leading role, so this one will be a must see for us.

  4. Thank you for the award! Always means a lot to get an award form a fellow blogger! Thanks for the movie reviews, too. We're going to try and take my son to see Toy Story in 3-D this weekend. Should be a HIT!!!

  5. Thanks for my awards! The Kreative Blogger will be fun to do!

    I'm looking forward to seeing Up, and I didn't know about Management!

    hope you get some time to relax this weekend....

  6. Congrats on your awards and thanks muchly for mine!!

  7. Thank you so much for these awards, they really made me smile. And thanks also for suggesting the movies too....I'm so out of the loop when it comes to what's out there and I could use a few good ones now that it's getting cold out!

  8. You are too sweet Susan. Thanks so much for the loyal blogger award. Its my first AWARD!!!! yeah!!!!!

    I just added UP to our queue on netflix. Thanks for the review!!

  9. Thanks for the awards!! You've made my day! :)

    I can't wait to rent Monsters vs. Aliens, my kids keep seeing the previews, but I'm worried that it's too scary for them.


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