Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lucky Number 7

If you are like the majority of people, there are numbers that mean certain things to you, good or bad, and people have been making these associations since the beginning of time. As I said in an earlier post many people (including me) do not like the number 13-in fact, businesses skip over this number when counting the floors in their building, and I can’t remember when the number 13 adorned a racecar. But the number 7 is a very different story.

If you’re a mathematician, you might like 7 because it is a prime number (a number only divisible by itself and 1) or because you can link a hexagon together 7 different ways. If you’re a chemist, you may relate to 7 as the atomic number of Nitrogen or for the fact that there are 7 rows in the periodic table. If you are into computers, you know that there are 7 layers in the OSI model, and if you are a Christian or Buddhist you relate the number 7 to the 7 virtues that everyone should strive to pattern their lives after. There are also 7 continents, 7 wonders of the world, often 7 spots decorating a ladybug, and for the artist in all of us-7 colors in a rainbow.

I could go on and on listing the significance of this number, but I wouldn’t have room in this one post. Numerology experts’ say that certain numbers follow us through life and are often associated with important dates and events. The reason why I’m bringing the number 7 up in the first place is so that I may tell you how it has a special meaning to me- I was married in the 7th month of the year, on the 27th, and both my kids share the same birth date on the 7th. In everything that I do and will do in the future, these three associations mean the most to me, my two children will always be my greatest achievements, and the number 7 is without a doubt my lucky number.

Nancy at if evolution really works, recently presented me with an award, and even though Nancy didn’t require me to do anything in return, since the number 7 is involved, I couldn’t help myself. The recipient of this award is supposed to list 7 personality traits, so here are mine:

Optimistic: I like to think of myself as a “half-full” type of person, meaning if I see a glass with some liquid refreshment inside (for some reason wine is popping into my head-it was a tough week), I look at that glass as being half full instead of half empty. My husband will say I’m the opposite, but that’s only because he hears me rant and rave about work problems and kid problems, and problems in general.

 Indecisive: I tend to over analyze everything. If I have a problem, I rewind things inside my head over and over again while I try to find a solution, and this need to see every angle often causes added stress and a lack of sleep.

Bossy: I asked my daughter how she would describe me to a friend, and she said that I act like the queen of the house. Well, when it comes to decisions about the kids, I like to think that my husband and I work together, but I think I do lay down the law when it comes to taking care of our house-no one else around here seems to care like I do, but that’s for another post. (*Note to self: never ask your tween daughter for a personality trait after you tell her she can’t do something…)

Extremist: I don’t do anything half way not matter what it is, and this is both a blessing and a curse. Even though I know it would be much simpler to stop at a bakery and order something for my daughter’s Halloween party at school, somehow I find myself in the kitchen after a long day at work rolling out dough to make ghosts-and they can’t be just plain sugar cookie ghosts, they have to be decorated. Let’s just say I worked on them for two days and didn’t get to bed before 11 both nights…

Direct: I am honest almost to a fault-I can’t lie because when I do my left eye twitches! No one else can see it, but I know it’s happening, and although this might seem like a good thing to some, it can cause problems. There is also a thing called “diplomacy” that I often lack. I often tell someone straight out when something is bothering me and I often appreciate when someone does the same, but sometimes a situation is better handled delicately, and I realize this when it’s too late.

Imaginative: I pride myself on having a good imagination because I can visualize the end result, although sometimes I don’t know how I am going to get there.

Unique: This one is from my daughter as well-she’s trying to butter me up now so she can get on my computer, but I’ll take this one anyway. I would like to think that even though there may be someone who resembles me somewhere else in this vast world of ours, there will never be a person who laughs at corny jokes as I do, sneaks up on my daughter to tickle her only when she “least expects it,” and looks at things in the same way. In other words, there will never be another me, and my husband says thank God for that!

Now I am supposed to pass this one off to 7 other people but I'm a little tired right now, and my daughter is bugging me, so I'll save that for later. I hope this gets you thinking about your strengths as well.


  1. Seven IS a good number for many reasons. I like the insights into you. Thanks for sharing. Not sure I could come up with seven for me.

  2. I liked this post. It's so hard to look at yourself objectively. I want to think about this...I don't know what I'd say about myself. I could ask my kids, but I'd be afraid of the answers. After all, I'm the "worstest" mom in the universe... :)

    7 is a good number. I personally like 17...not sure why. It's just a good one!

  3. So strange! 7's are in everything in my life...
    my birthday, 17th, married on the 7th, our first date, 17th, my daughter's bday 27, my son's 17 my husband and step-son's both in July, my son's football number, 17! SO WEIRD!!!!
    Anyway, YAY on your award:)

  4. Great post. I like that you don't lie. It is funny that your eye twitches!

  5. I can be an extremist too. My husband says I over analyze every little project. It does get too complicated some times. Fun to read about you some more. My birthday is September 7th. I used to think it was not a lucky day because school always started around it :)

  6. My favorite numbers are 3, 7, and 13. I base a lot of things in my life out of those numbers. I like your personalities. I have some of those like being direct. People know me for saying what's on my mind. Congrats on your award!

    Have a great week! :)

  7. My favorite number is 8, it's nice and even and balanced, which is how I try to be.

    I am so indecisive too, I just spent 40 minutes in Bath and Body works buying gifts for the kid's teachers and busdrivers, I think they thought I was a shoplifter.

  8. I was born on the 7th of August and therefore 7 is and always be my lucky number!! Congrats on your award..Very interesting read!!!


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