Sunday, February 7, 2010

No more snow!

I didn’t believe all the hype and hoopla about a snowstorm predicted to hit our area Friday afternoon, and I think I said something like, “I’ll believe it when I see it”- well I see it, lots of it (snow that is), and I am now a believer. We got a little over two feet of snow in a little under 24 hours, so much snow in fact that you could hardly see our van in the driveway-the snow came up to the passenger windows!

My husband is a superman when it comes to snow removal because in only two trips he dug out the van, dug out the driveway, dug a path to the front door, dug a path to our back porch, then dug a path to our backyard where he leveled out an area so that our dog could do his business in comfort. Yes, he did it alone and I’m a wimp, but we are down to only one shovel, so… (I tried to thank him by making chicken, egg, and cheddar breakfast wraps, served with fresh orange slices and homemade muffins covered in melted butter and cinnamon sugar-yum…) He’s a bit stiff today, but I am hoping this will finally convince him to get a snow blower-after every big snow he says we need to get one, but then when things warm up again he’s convinced it’s a waste of money.

Our dog isn’t a big fan of deep snow either- this is really the first big snow he has experienced, and he can walk in the path my husband made, but he sinks so low he can’t see anything around him, and that means it’s not safe to do his "duty". We’ve had to literally drag him outside to get him to go, and I’ve kept him cooped up in the kitchen until there’s proof enough outside to let him run around inside. I don’t want any surprises, so I've learned to take this seriously, and the past couple of days have revolved around the snow and whether or not the dog took a poop-I feel like I’ve regressed back to the days of toilet training. I’ve had such stimulating conversations with my husband: “Did he poop?” “No, he didn’t poop.” “Do you think he has to poop?” “Well, he only had one poop today, and he usually has three.” “You're right, he needs to poop.

But besides the dog and his bathroom habits, the wet floors and clothes, and the literal pain in the neck a big snow can cause, I really didn’t mind being “stranded” for a day because everything literally slows down, and there is time to bake some muffins and read that book-the neighbor girl ended up sleeping over so my daughter and son had a blast, I got caught up on laundry and my blog, and my husband and I actually sat on the couch (away from the children) and talked about things (yes, we talked about the dog too, but it was still nice.)Maybe a stranding every now and then isn’t such a bad thing if it helps you slow down and appreciate those around you.

I was also shown some blogger love recently from Tesa over at 2 Wired 2 Tired when she awarded me The Beautiful Blogger Award. I'm supposed to list 5 things I like to do then pass this on to 5 other deserving blogs, but I'm also going to include things I would like to do. Here we go...

1. I like to lose myself in a good novel, but don't always find the time.

2. I would love to write a good novel some day.

3. I like the silence after a snow storm, and I find myself looking out the window a lot because everything looks so magical covered in white.

4. I love spending one-on-one time with each of my kids.

5. And when I'm old and gray, I would like to live closer to the ocean. Our vacations always involve some beach somewhere because it's the only place where I feel totally relaxed.

And the winners are:

Nicole from A New Normal

Janie B. from Life Not Wasted Or Lost

Mom from Mom of the Perpetually Grounded

Naomi from Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip

Flory from A Woman's Life Stages

And, since I didn't follow all the rules, and because I like the number 7 more than I like the number 5, I thought I would add two more recipients:
September Mom over at My Voice My View

And Magic Momma from Mommyhood Exposed

Now when was the dog out last?. Goodnight everyone.


  1. I love looking out at the snow, as well! It is beautiful, isn't it? We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow, although not near as much as you did! I love the snow tunnels, too! Your husband did a great job. And hey, I think your baking more than made up for what you didn't do outside. Somebody has to feed everyone, right?

  2. You got ALL the snow we were threatened to get. We got nothing. Ultimately, I was thankful because I needed to go into NY city on Sat. A blizzard would have put a crimp in those plans. I'm sure the kids loved it. They always do.

  3. Thanks for the award. I love it. Also love your snow pictures. I think you've had enough, too.

  4. It looks like you guys had so much fun....and I'm drooling over the breakfast you made your husband!

  5. Your "poop" conversations cracked me up! You look cute in your snow gear. All the kids look wonderful too. Your hubby is superman. Mine couldn't live without his snow blower. I have to learn how to turn it on :)I'm with you when it comes to retiring by the ocean. That would be heavenly. I bet you will write a great novel one day!!! Thanks for the award. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and friendship :)

  6. I am using your pictures to imagine cooler weather. I have the fans on and am contemplating wacking up the aircon even though it is just me in the house right now.

    Thanks for the help with my "thinking cool thoughts". Your conversation with your husband about the dog poop made me giggle.

    Also, thanks for stopping by today. Shelly

  7. Wow Susan! That's a whole lot of snow! I don't think I can survive where you live; I might just freeze over mwahahaha

  8. Wow, that is a lot of snow. It looks like it was enjoyed by all though. Congrats on the award:) You are awesome

  9. Thank you so much, Susan!!! You are so kind. I am totally honored! I love your bloggy so much and love the way you write. This story about the snow was awesome and reminded me of the days when I lived up north. Now that we live in Texas, we rarely see even a snowflake, much less enough snow to have to shovel. The kids get all excited and run around with their tongues hanging out if even a tiny amount of snow flutters out of the sky, but it never sticks. I don't mind though, cuz all I can think about are the days of shoveling for hours and also gray, brown, and yellow snow. Euwwwwww. Meanwhile, when you said, "I’ve had such stimulating conversations with my husband: “Did he poop?” “No, he didn’t poop.” “Do you think he has to poop?” “Well, he only had one poop today, and he usually has three.” “You're right, he needs to poop.”" I almost died because that is SOOOO me and my husband talking about our kids. You kill me. I laughed for a full ten minutes before I could get back to reading. You rock, Susan. Love ya!

  10. Thank you so much for the award!!! I had a rough weekend because of my granddaddy having a heart attack and you just made me smile:)

  11. you are so sweet! Thank you so much for passing the award on to me, that totally made my day:)

    WOW-look at all that snow! I have been wanting to ski all winter but haven't gotten around to getting out there yet. Maybe soon. Looks like you all were having a blast!

  12. I'm glad you all like the pictures. Unfortunately, they are predicting 10-15 more inches for us over the next 24 hours... AHH!!!

  13. Thanks for the award Susan!

    I love your list: reading, writing, enjoying the beauty mother nature brings, all wonderful things.

    Hope you get a snow blower soon- we're supposed to get more snow. :)

  14. My husband does all of the shoveling too. I'm not as great as you though about making such a wonderful breakfast. Lol!

  15. I just love a good snowstorm!!!

    We have a bad ass snow blower, but my husband wants an ATV - grrr.

  16. 2 feet of snow in 24 hours is crazy! I can't believe you don't have a snow blower. We don't either and I'm always hoping my husband will throw in the towel and just come home with one some day. So far no luck, but I keep wishing and shoveling.


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