Thursday, February 4, 2010

What makes me tick...

I know I haven’t been around too much lately, but I am the new “vending” mom at my daughter’s gym, and I have to fill the snack and soda/water machine at least three times a week for the month of February. This also means my husband has to start dinner for at least two of those nights until I can get into some sort of rhythm with this new chore.

Thank you for commenting on my last post even though it’s a bit old now, and know that I am trying to get back to my former blog-posting schedule. I was surprised and touched when I checked out my site and September Mom over at My Voice My View gave me a Gorgeous Blogger Award. (Tess over at 2 Wired 2 Tired gave me an award too, but it's after 11 and 5:30 comes on really fast, so I'll do that one soon...)
As a recipient for the Gorgeous Award, I am to tell you 6 things you may not know about me, so without further delay, here are my 6:

1. I am a former cat person. I say former because we currently have no cat (my 19 year old cat passed away two years ago, and because she was definitely one-of-a-kind, I can’t bear to replace her) and I have fallen in love with our scruffy little Havanese. I don’t know if that makes me a full blown dog person or not because I still love cats, but I definitely enjoy the company of dogs a lot more than I used to.

2. I have seriously considered becoming a vegetarian. I know that protein is a must for a healthy body, but I also don’t like thinking about how my meat got to my table. If I had to live back in the days where you killed what you ate, I don’t know how I would have survived. As some of you already know, I can only kill flies and ants, and I even occasionally feel guilty about that!

3. I enjoy mowing the lawn. Now I didn’t say I like to push mow-I mean I like to mow with a riding mower. All I have to do is follow the tracks cut previously, and this concentration keeps me from going over my latest to do list, and I am at peace. I guess you could say I become “one” with the grass, but my husband is very particular about his lawn, so I don’t often get the chance to do this.

4. I can tell you almost word for word what someone said in a conversation. I am not a detail person until it comes to remembering a previous conversation. My husband is constantly telling me to just give him the facts, while I feel that revealing everything said is essential to understanding everything said. Women are from Venus?

5. I love Cream of Wheat. I don’t know why but this one just popped into my head. I have always loved Cream of Wheat, but I could never get my kids to eat it, and my husband will only join me in a bowl if it's covered in brown sugar-not the healthiest. I put very little sugar on it because I prefer it bland-that does sound kind of peculiar now that I see it in writing.

6. I hate wearing dresses. Now I will wear a dress on special occasions such as weddings or fancy parties, and my husband always says how nice I look wearing one, but I am never comfortable. (Isn't it funny that my daughter is the exact opposite?) First there’s the question of hose or no hose, and since I grew up in a time when wearing pantyhose was a must with a dress, I feel my outfit is incomplete without it. Then there’s the problem of wearing the pantyhose. I cannot for the life of me wear a pair without getting a run-it either happens just as I am putting pantyhose on or sometime during the event.

Well, there you have it-a good combination of the strange and the quirky. I am now supposed to award this to 6 other gorgeous bloggers, and though I only visit blogs I love, these six consistantly make me laugh, ususally out loud, and laughter is definitely something I need more of! Plus, if I don't do this now, I know I'll forget, so here are my nominees:

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Molly from I'm a Sleeper Baker

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The girl from The Girl Next Door Grows Up

The girl with the flour in her hair from Peeling and Orange with a Screwdriver

And Nancy from If evolution really works
Keep up the good work ladies!  Goodnight everybody.


  1. I've been wondering where you were : )

    what the heck is a vending mom, do you have keys to the machines!? Do you get to stock them with whatever you want!? sorry, just a bit excited about vending machines.

    I've been kicking around the vegetarian thing myself...have you heard about Meatless Mondays? I'm going to post about it I think...have a great weekend.

  2. Susan I was wondering where you have been! I am glad you are back. Thank you for the award! I have a week's worth of awards to hand out scheduled for next week so I will try to fit this one in.

    I love to mow the grass. It is very peaceful and relaxing and a good time to think. I walk and push, though.

  3. Yes Molly I have keys! There is a sheet in the closet that dictates what snacks and sodas should be in each slot, and when the supply cabinet gets low, I have to go back in the office to get the soda cases. I also make up the store lists each week when the snacks get low, but the director of vending does the shopping-thank goodness! And man do these kids eat!

    Girl, I can't believe you like to push mow. You must have a better push mower than we do-we don't need anything great because we only use it for trimming. (Way too much yard to do it with a push mower...)

  4. Well, thank you so much! I will pass it on as soon as I can! I am also a former cat person and while I do not enjoy mowing the lawn (I have only done it once in my life), I do enjoy doing laundry. Gives me a sense of accomplishment, I think.

  5. I have to be honest...I never was a cat person, nor am I now!

  6. I love wearing dresses, but I have wearing pantyhose. I've tried going the vegetarian route, but the men in house are not having it. Enjoy your weekend Susan. :)

  7. Amo, I don't think I ever enjoyed laundry, maybe because I never seem to get this job done. (There is always another load waiting in the wings.)

    Theta Mom, you might have liked my cat. Anyone that I had over the house that said they weren't into cats always left my house saying my cat was the exception. I think she thought she was part dog-she would actually play fetch with me while our first dog wouldn't, and she loved kids. I remember my four year old nephew dragging her down the stairs and she neither scratched him or ran away...

    Flory, I ran into some opposition in my house too, so I have limited our meat intake instead. We have at least two meals with no meat a week and I might add more.

  8. I've been rather behind, too...

    I know; when you think of where we get our meat it is rather gross...going vegetarian, though, is too much of a drastic change for me right now. The older I get the more staid in my ways I become. Hmm...

  9. Alyssa, everyone is saying how busy they are... I feel the same about a drastic change-just trying do a healthy change.

  10. Hey Susan! Super thanks for the award! :)

    I've never been a pet person. But of course, we had all sorts of pets when the kids were growing up. I've never liked any one of them, and my kids actually blamed me for the death of one of the birds, which is absolutely not true. I bought that love bird myself! Mwahahaha

  11. I hate wearing dresses too. If I had to wear pantyhose anytime soon, I think it would be a weird experience for me. I used to wear it all the time back in the ancient past of my work life :) I have wondered about going vegetarian too. I don't think I like enough veggies though. I enjoyed your list Susan!

  12. I love Cream of Wheat too! Mmmmmmmm...makes the belly feel warm and good. Congrats to all the winners. I love those blogs too!! Great picks, Susan!

  13. Hypermom, I never much cared for birds, especially after we had a parakeet-messy!

    Kelly, I almost have to wear pantyhose-I'm one of those pale-beyond-pale people.

    OMWC, I'm glad you liked my picks.


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