Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some days good, some days not...

Ok, I’ve been suffering since Saturday with some sort of strange cold/allergy thing that makes me talk like a toad, cough up a lung, and, according to my husband, snore like a train, but I am not convinced it’s my snoring he’s hearing. I do not snore-I think he is hearing his own snoring self because I've been hearing him… So let’s recap-I got this crud of a virus thing and 4 days of no sleep (and did I mention a fresh batch of hormones to make me really feel special?), and that equals a cranky me.

The kids at school are approaching me very cautiously, and although some of them are acting inappropriately (hmm, now why would I possibly get upset when you blatantly refuse to take a seat, or when you lie to a sub when I am out sick?) little things are irritating me more than they should. And things aren’t much better at home with the kids and my husband. I just about bit my son’s head off when I thought he lied to me about completing his homework tonight-as it turns out, the couple incomplete worksheets he had in his folder are the result of working at different stations in the class today. They move on to the next station regardless of whether they finish an activity or not-man that better be right!

I do believe my husband has had his fill of my off-the-cuff commenting and snarling too-at the beginning of the week he was sending me “cheer up” e-mails to make me smile, but the last one I got yesterday just said, “I hope you are in a good mood when you come home.” And although I was trying to get things on the table tonight and he just plunked himself down and started to put food on the kids plates, I could have asked for help a tad bit nicer than, “I don’t know why you are sitting when I need some cheese grated.” I also said this with the customary hands-on-the-hips and roll of the eyes-just for effect. And let’s just say that it didn’t go over very well.

Just how am I going to change my terrible attitude? Well I thought that if I just dump everything that has ticked me off over the last few days in this post (lucky you!), I might be able to start fresh tomorrow. So, without further ado, here’s a rundown of conversations and observances for my Thursday rendition of Sunday Sage’ ness-I hope you can relate.

· Yes, your room looks better, but now I can’t see under your bed.

· Now if what you said is true and you brushed your teeth, then why is your toothbrush dry?

· You can only go to the commons area if you have an honors pass. I’m not going to give you a pass to the library so you can turn around and join your buddies in the commons area.

· If I am going to drag my butt into school on a Sunday evening to make sure you will be ok without me Monday morning, you had better do what the substitute says or else expect to face the angry women formally known as your teacher.

· Ok, it’s simple-you brush your teeth, rinse out your mouth, then throw your cup in the trash. Every time I walk into the bathroom, a horde of paper cups is waiting for me.

· If I am not allowed to get mad after asking you five times to take out the dog, then give me the number of times I can ask before I get mad, so I know when to get mad the next time.

· If I am not sitting at the table but you are, maybe you can help so that I can sit down too.

· How many people are going to walk past that pencil before someone picks it up? (The answer-two kids and a husband-I picked it up)

· Why doesn’t anyone else besides me see that the dog is not chewing one of his toys, but one of yours?

· Am I the only one who can use a phone-I could be alive or dead, but you wouldn't know. And the longer it takes, the more upset it makes-me-so don’t expect a pleasant conversation when you do call.

· I dropped a hint about seeing some dog hair on the carpet-I better finish this post so that the hinter can take care of it.

Well, I don’t know if I feel any better, but as promised, tomorrow is a new day (and it’s Friday and payday!) so I will check my sarcasm at the door before going into school or back home. (And not everything went wrong today-my daughter let me hug her so that I could feel better!) So I am going to follow Louis Armstrong's lead when he said this in a song, “When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you.” (If that doesn't work, there's always cheesecake...)


  1. Reading through that list makes me realize that I'd be ticked about every last one of those things too!

  2. Yeah for Friday payday! Have a wonderful day...and weekend. You made me laugh, so thank you.

    Susan, thank you for the vote, too. It means alot to me that you would do that.

  3. I hope you feel better Susan. You can vent to me anytime :) Hope this Friday is a good one for you. You definitely deserve some good vibes coming your way. I'm super tense and crazy this week. Hubby is walking cautiously around me :)

  4. Susan,
    I hope you feel better soon. I've been having cold last a couple of days. I'm better now but still coughing.
    I'm still laughing at 'snoring' part.So funny:)

  5. mmmmmm, cheesecake. And payday! And a hug from your daughter! Hope you feel better soon about things, I feel like once the weather gets nice and actually stays nice, then everyone is going to be much happier! Have a great weekend!

  6. It's really hard to be pleasant when you feel awful so go ahead! Be a meanie for a couple of days; sometimes its nice to be mean mommy mwahahaha hope you are feeling better, Susan! *hugs*

  7. Get Well Soon Susan! Weekend is here..and hope you get you enjoy some to yourself.

  8. Oh Susan, you poor thing. I do hope you are feeling better by today. Whatever that strange cold/allergy thing is, my daughter has it too, she even added the "now I have hormones"so I think I get it. You should park yourself somewhere comfortable with a good book and let them pick up the pencils today!

  9. Blueviolet, thanks for the confirmation!

    Alyssa, I love to laugh so I'm glad you did too, and don't mention it-I love your blog!

    Septembermom, let's hope we both have a nice weekend.

    Yonca, hope you feel better too!

    Molly, I'm with you on the weather thing-it's back to being cold again today and I want to start wearing some cute spring things!

    hypermom, I'm coming around today because of my promise...

    Areeba, I hate living for the weekend, but this was a tough week...

    Mopg, I did just what you said today (slept in, grabbed a cup of tea, and parked myself in front of the computer...)

  10. I had a crapola days yesterday but damnit all I made a chocolate cake!

    Tyler calls me "Little Miss Hands on Hips"

    so I hear you!

  11. How frustrating to be sick for so long and to have all of those things irritating you too. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  12. I am sorry you are having a rough time. I wish writing the post would have made you feel a little bit better. I will be thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way. Big HUG!

  13. Girl, yes hands-on-the-hips seems to be a fighting symbol with men.

    Tesa, my husband has been pretty good to me this weekend, so I can't complain too loudly about the other stuff.

    Clueless_Mama, thanks for the hug!

  14. No worries! We all have weeks like these. And I say you get a nice big cheesecake on the way home just for good measure. Even if you are already happy, cheesecake never hurt anyone. (Except maybe my thighs...sigh.) Big hugs, Susan!!

  15. Organic Motherhood, yes, cheesecake fixes almost everything! LOL!

  16. I hope you are feeling better! I have to be a little more gentle when I say things to my husband too. It is very hard when you're feeling frustrated.


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