Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life's Chapters

Well, I’m back- back to normal (not likely), but definitely back blogging again. I was just juggling a little too much lately with work and family commitments, and even though I love writing to all of you, sitting down to write felt like just another chore I had to complete so I decided to come back when things calmed down a bit. I tried to write a couple of times, but each post attempt turned into the ravings of a pretty stressed out mom-heck, I didn’t want to read it let alone make all of you suffer through it! I know I haven’t been the best bloggy friend either, although I still managed to tweet about giveaways (but giveaway addicts are hard to cure…)

I wanted to write tonight for two reasons: 1) I took the kids to see the last Shrek movie and thought I would share some of the highlights, and 2) I wanted to share how that movie got me thinking about my own life, so prepare for deep (not too deep)introspection.

I wasn’t a fan of Shrek III- we did eventually add it to our DVD collection (you can’t have Shrek I and II and not III) but I felt the mood of the third movie was a little too “sinister” and I remember anxiously glancing at my kids the entire time we were in the movie theatre. So I was decidedly nervous when both asked to see Shrek the Final Chapter, and I put off seeing the movie until I heard about it a little more. We saw the “regular” version of the movie because $33 dollars to see an animated movie, even if it’s 3D, is just too much in my book. Besides, I previously forked over the bucks to see two other animated films in 3D and didn’t think it added much to the picture-in fact (much to my daughter’s horror), the second time I marched out of the theater still clutching the 3D glasses so I wouldn’t feel like such a sucker.

So what was my take on this final version to the Shrek saga? I loved it (oh, and my kids did too!) The story revolves around Shrek and his new role as husband and father, a theme we adults can all relate too. He feels as if he is just going through the motions while helping to raise his toddlers, and he yearns for the days when he was a plain old wanted ogre. Enter the funny little man known by the funnier name, Rumpelstiltskin-he draws up a contract that will allow Shrek to be a regular ogre for one day. Shrek takes the deal and is once again feared, but he soon realizes he’s been tricked and the decision he made so hastily could drastically change the lives of those he loves.

Now there are a few things you should keep in mind before you decide to see this movie. Evil wins out over good for a time being in this movie, and witches are Rumpelstiltskin’s chosen friends. Plus, there is a scene where the dragon is her old self, so keep this in mind if your kids are easily scared. But the scenes are decidedly less gloomy than Shrek III, and I was genuinely impressed with the overall message of the movie-I think you will be too.

To say I can relate to Shrek’s plight would be an understatement-the stress from these past two weeks made me a little jaded concerning the many roles I play in my own life. If I only did such-and-such I would be a better mom, or if I worked harder I wouldn’t be faced with the constant catch up I do with my classes, if only I had more time or more money, if only… But the thing is, there will always be an “if only” no matter where we are or what we are doing with our lives, just like there will be the good days and the bad. So I’m going to take a lesson from Shrek’s Final Chapter-try to enjoy my life just the way it is (messes and all!)

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  1. Welcome back! I wasn't a fan of Shrek 3 either, but I'm sure we'll go and see the new one. I actually can't wait to see Toy Story 3, I LOVE those movies!

    How are those MBT sneakers working out for you????

  2. I have a lot of those days. My husband and I sit on the couch and reminisce about the good ol' days when we didnt have kids. But then I think about how boring our lives were and how we didnt have a true purpose! Oh times are crazy and messy but I wouldnt change it for the world ;)
    Thanks for this post, it really made me smile!

  3. Do we ever really hit the point where we feel we're doing it the best it can be done? Probably not. I'm sure we're doing just fine though!

    I didn't see the movie but I did hear it was adorable!

  4. Hubby likes Shrek more than my son;)Thanks for the review.Glad you're back!

  5. It's so great to have you back! It's totally understandable that you needed some time. Blogging can be a lot of work and we often need a break. I still think you are a great bloggy friend! Thanks for the review on Shrek. I look forward to seeing it. :)

  6. Molly, we are all looking forward to Toy story 3 as well! As for the shoes, I don't feel any different throughout the day but I do feel things during a workout...

    Lyndsey, I do this too, especially after hearing the word "MOM" one too many times during the day!

    Blue violet, you are right. I don't there is such a thing as perfection when it comes to life!

    Yonca, I think my husband does too, and you have to love the music!

    Mommy is Green, I rate this one over Shrek II as well. Thanks for the nice welcome back!

  7. I was just telling a friend today about how guilt seems to follow mothers around no matter what they do. It never seems like I can do enough - something always suffers. But, I know deep down that as long as I love my son and hug him often, he'll be just fine.

  8. Thanks for the great review. The kids are very anxious to see this one. They are big Shrek fans here. I like that powerful Fiona, so does my little powerhouse, Jillian :)

    Miss you! Hope to connect with you soon.

  9. looking forward to watching the movie with my family. We weren't impressed with the 3rd movie either but still own it anyway LOL.
    thanks for the awesome review!

  10. Amo, you're right about the guilt-it's never ending...

    Septembermom, I'm not sure which character is my favorite... We came back a day early so I'll talk to you soon.

    Widge, you will like this one. (I'm even a bit sad that the saga is coming to an end!)

  11. Mine will probably see this one. They are some of the few teens I have ever seen who will go to a G movie on a friday night with their grandparents.
    I have been all over feeling inadequate lately. But you are right. All we can do is our best and enjoy the best that comes from it.

  12. I must admit I never thought anything Shrek-related would have a valuable lesson. Thanks, teach, for summing up the meaning. I can apply that to my life, too.

  13. MOPG, "All we can do is our best and enjoy the best that comes from it"-make that your daily mantra.

    Alyssa, I guess I learned something too! LOL!

  14. I loved the Final Chapter of Shrek too!! And totally related to the stressed parent theme in it as well. I love what you wrote in your last paragraph. I really need to take that advice to heart in my daily life.

  15. Organic Motherhood, glad you liked the movie and my advice. Now if only I just followed my own advice more...


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