Monday, October 11, 2010

Microfiction Monday once again

Well, I'm back trying for round two of Microfiction Monday, and I'm starting to enjoy brushing the dust off my brain for these little snippets of fiction. (I skipped last Monday because the picture didn't conjure up any ideas at all.) So without further ado, I give you tonight's entry:

Alice steadied herself, suitcase in hand, as number 15 rumbled past. In an instant it would be gone, along with her chance at a better life, a fresh start with an old love.

So does this picture speak to you as well? Let me know what you think of my entry, write one of your own in my comments section, or post your entry on your blog. Only a 140 characters or less, but just be sure to link up at the Stony River website. Thanks for turning me onto to this Septembermom!


  1. Great job Susan! I can feel her sadness as the train rumbled by. Heartfelt take on this week's prompt. Hope you're doing well :)

  2. I wonder why she changed her mind? A great MM!

  3. Good imagination, You suggested a long story in a very short space and I like the romantic approach!
    For fun I will add the next line:
    "I wonder, she thought to herself, if the lingerie shop will let me return that teddy with the tags cut off?" ; )

  4. Now I am dying to know the rest of the story! Why didn't she go? Does he come after her? I need to know! It was that selfish daughter of hers, wasn't it?!

    (Sorry I am late, life complications!)

  5. She should run and jump on it! very good MM :o)

  6. "A fresh start with an old love..." I hope she jumped on board!

  7. Susan, this is great! Are you a writer on the side? Taking inspiration from a photo is such a wonderful idea. I'm not a writer but this make me wish I was. :)

  8. Septembermom, I'm coming around to this. Just give me a picture of a human and I think I can spin a tale-LOL!

    Ellie, I like cliff hangers and thought this picture fit the bill.

    Quilly, I love that my entry created so many questions!

    Deborah and lizziviggi, I'm thinking the same!

    Mommy is Green, you just paid me the greatest compliment!

    Diane, yes. My other story had a sad twist to it too-I wonder why...

  9. MOPTG, I love this! You should join in the fun on Mondays.


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