Monday, October 18, 2010

Microfiction Monday

It's Microfiction Monday (#53) once again. If you want to stretch your creative muscle, then take a look at this week's picture and compose an entry that is no more than 140 characters long.
Here's today's picture and my entry:

Brick by brick, row by row, the Queen waited as servants walled her off from her past life, her punishment for not producing an heir for her king-to him she meant nothing.

Note: it was brought to my attention that the character counter I was using (I just set up readability statistics in Word to count my characters) is faulty. So, here is a more slimmed down version (and a bonus one to spare):

Brick by brick, row by row, the queen waited as servants walled off her past, punishment for no heir for her king-to him she meant nothing. (139 characters)

She was given both bread and water, but the queen shuddered at the thought of nightfall-who’s company would she have to keep? (127 characters)

Now it's your turn. If you do a post, be sure to link up at the host of tonight's event, Stony River, then check out all the other entries.  And I’m going to be posting like crazy this week so be sure to stop back here tomorrow when I fill you in on some new goings-on at the Swagbucks site, and later in the week when I review some worthwhile reads for your kids.


  1. I hate the king, I hate the king!

  2. What a horrible king. Well done Susan!

  3. The not meaning anything is the tear jerker

    Nice MFM

    thanks for the visit to the Moon

    Have a gr8 week

  4. Darned Middle Ages!!! At least she has a "trident" [hahahahaha].

    Great story, Susan.

  5. Flory and blueviolet, I hate him too. Just look at his "royalness" just standing by watching!

    moondustwriter, I played with that last part quite a bit-I even used my hubby as a sounding board until I got it right.

    Marina, you and your gum-LOL! Thanks for the visit.

  6. Great story, Susan! I went to the character-counting website with your story, and yours is 171 characters...oops. Sorry to be so obsessive, but it seemed a bit longer than 140 characters.

    But it's still a great story...pathos, love that has died and cruel punishment.

  7. Susan,
    What a monster king - I really don't like him! Good MM!


  8. Well written! I hate the king too. Great story Susan, thanks!

  9. You make me teary eyed with this one too, Susan. Wonderfully done :) I love how much emotion you packed into this microfiction. Talk to you soon :)

  10. These are both excellent!! I especially like the ominous overtones of the last one...sounds like the beginning of a scary movie.

  11. I'm betting if the King had to have the babies, things would be different. :)

  12. Very sad tale .... so sorry for her. :O(

  13. Ho ho a little like King Henry VIIIth-ish I think!

  14. She wrung her hands in deep thought. Should she marry the king whom she didn't love to save her family? Or should she try to escape and live a life on the run...

    I don't know how many characters that is but I thought I'd give it a go. :)


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