Sunday, November 21, 2010

A writing we will go (#58)

Good evening everyone and welcome to Microfiction Monday, where Susan, over at Stony River, challenges us to look at a picture and write a story in 140 characters or less (including spaces and punctuation). This week's picture finally struck my funny bone a bit. Here is my first entry:

Mom warned him about danger in the woods, and said to never eat rotten berries. Uncle Buck did, and now he’s modeling sportswear. (132 characters)

I struggled more than I care to admit on getting a poem out of today's picture. Nothing sounded right and every try was way over 140 characters.  (I think my record was 223...)   This is what I came up with:

What’s hanging in the hall
Deer Cape mount on the wall
This is no cabin in the wood
Yet there it is and I could
Make no sense of it at all!
(140 characters with the addition of an exclamation point at the end-I really felt I needed some form of punctuation for emphasis, although I'm feeling a little guilty for not putting it elsewhere.)

Anyway, I can't wait to read all of your posts-to me this in itself is pretty exciting about this exercise. I can't believe how many different points of view there are! If you are new to my site, try a Microfiction out for yourself, but be sure to link up at Stony River as well.


  1. They're both good! Always fun to play around with the words and ideas just to see what comes up! Have fun! That's the important thing! Hope you have a great week!


  2. High Susan ~~ Welcome to µ-fiction Monday.
    We have a fun time here and everyone is very friendly.

    Poor Uncle Buck. If only he has listened to Mom. I like the poem also; a very fine thoughts of a mounted deer.

  3. Sylvia;

    I so admire the way you play with the MF picture and the words that you use to tell your story. Well done.

  4. But those berries gave Uncle Buck a beautiful sheen to his coat.

    I, too, wondered about a deer head in a school hallway! Maybe you'd see that in Alaska or Montana, but in Susan of Stony River's state in the southeast? Strange.

    I like both the prose and the poetry--both are clever and witty!

  5. Both are terrific. What a steep price to pay for becoming a model!

  6. I like the modeling sportswear line!

    Susan, it may be only my monitor, but the way your blog displays shows the text running into the blue bubbles on the side making it difficult to read. If I'm not the only one seeing that, it may affect people's tendency to comment or not.

  7. Poor Uncle Buck! :)
    That buck does seem a bit out of place there. Ha!

  8. Both are awesome Sue! Loved the first one's "point of view." Very clever. I'm having some trouble with this week's picture. I hope I think of something!

  9. when all the while he was just decking the halls heehe ~ Good ones SUsan ~ Happy Thanksgiving from across the big blue to you and the family xx Lib

  10. YIKES! Were those "rotten berries" actually (Heaven forbid!-->) bullets?! Poor Unky Buck...

    (Loved your nonsensical, too!)


    P.S. What a fun blog page! Bubblicious!

  11. I was over words for hours!! took me forever to convey my intent in 140

    you did a great job :)

  12. You should always listen to your mother.... poor Uncle Buck.

  13. I enjoyed them both--but loved the first one! I hope the little deer took his mom's advice about not playing in the woods...especially this time of year...hunting season is just ending, I think!
    Have a great week. Cheers!

  14. Poor Uncle Buck. That's what he gets for not following the rules... :O)

  15. Funny one! Hang the hunter up there and let him model the latest hunting wear, I say! lol.

  16. Ha! You came up with two fun stories! Very good!

  17. Wish you a wonderful holiday week, Susan!xo

  18. Hi Susan! A cautionary tale today! Was Uncle Buck the head of the family? :P

  19. Susan,
    Mine, too, was waaaay over the character limit until I whittled it down! These are so much fun. Loved both, but the first is my favorite! Happy Thanksgiving!


  20. Great job, Mrs Micro Fiction. And poor buck!

    BTW, animal heads like that give me the creeps. Worse than spiders do.

  21. Modeling sportswear is funny. Good job!

    Have a great week.

  22. Hi Susan,

    I gave up trying to get poems about Marvin in 140 words!! Well done for persisting with it.

    Your sentence we brilliant, a great start to my morning when I read it!


  23. Well the kids will learn by Uncle Buck's mistake for sure! LOL

    Welcome to MM - a great first try!

  24. Love both your takes. 140 characters imposed a challenge but it was fun!


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