Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I haven’t been feeling well lately, and since I’ve been spending a lot of time at work and home on the computer (doing work related things), I haven’t felt like jumping on for fun. I also haven’t been sleeping very well (at least for the past two weeks), but I’m not entirely sure why. I always seem to rewind a lot, just like a tape recorder-thinking about something, then something else, then going back to the start of my thoughts again. I think this might be a woman thing, but I’m not sure-I do know that I've been trying to read the most tedious stuff right before I close my eyes so I can fool my mind into turning off.

This lack of sleep is affecting me during the day, although this week hasn’t been as bad as last week. For instance, I have always had a problem with keys, where I would put them down while in the middle of doing something, and then not know where they were. This literally would drive me crazy, until I found ways to minimize the problem-I have one key chain now with all car, house, and work keys, because the more key chains I had, the more I was prone to leave one somewhere. And I got into the habit of putting them back in my purse as soon as I got home from work and keeping them with me at all times when I was at work.

For the most part this key habit has worked fairly well, with the exception of this week. After my first period class I could not find my keys (no keys meant I couldn’t unlock my desk drawer), and I had spent the morning going back and forth between my studio and my classroom- the only thing I could think of was that I might have left them in the studio door. Did I mention that every key that I own is on one key chain? Three sets of eyes looked for my keys-the front desk secretary, one of my students, and me-and we all came up empty handed.

I was starting to panic and thought the worst, so I sent out an e-mail asking all my co-workers to be on the lookout. I then tried to retrace my steps once again during my free period, and not finding anything, considered myself lucky to at least be able to get into my large cabinet. I needed a cable from in there, so I opened a drawer in this cabinet, and there were my keys! I must have had this same thought about the cable earlier that day and got distracted!

Now this isn’t the only weird event attributed to my lack of sleep. I instinctively pick up my kids clothes that don’t make it down the laundry shoot in our bathroom (okay, some battles I just don’t feel like fighting at the end of the day), but for some reason, I walk over to the garbage can instead. I've tried to throw away just about every item of clothing that I get in my hands, and I don’t realize my mistake until at least something drops in!

I can’t drink coffee because of how it affects my stomach, and I swore off caffeine a year ago, so trying to pep up in the morning has been hard. I’ve been trying to chug down a cup of decaf tea with loads of sugar to try to get a jump-start, but I’m only fooling myself. My mouth was on some sort of autopilot today getting the same message from my head three times-I actually repeated an explanation three consecutive times, until the students started snickering and so did I-you have to laugh at stuff like this!

And apparently I have to be careful with nighttime routines. Last night I reached for my face cream when I should have been reaching for the toothpaste (I am so glad I didn’t get a mouthful!), and when I sat down to take off my socks, I noticed that one was blue and the other black. Now I could tell you that I mistakenly grabbed the socks early in the morning, but the fact is I lay out all my clothes the night before…

My conversations with my husband in the morning have been reduced to just grunts, (as well as my conversations with him right before bed), so he is now grunting back at me whenever I do actually try to talk to him, just to get a rise out of me-um, it hasn’t worked though because I’m just too tired. Goodnight every…ZZZZZZ………………

Ok, I couldn't help myself-I decided that I had to have a little pick me up, so here's a link to a little Santana and Michelle Branch with The Game of Love-just a little bit of this to help you out this evening.  Enjoy!


  1. I do carry my all keys on one key chain too.Losing sucks!
    Hope you have a better day today, Susan!

  2. Maybe the "clothes in the trash" are a subconcious retaliation! I have actually gathered things up and hid them in an effort to make the kids pick up. The problem with mine is they never seem to miss the stuff!

    We must be on the same wavelength right now. I can't sleep worth a darn either. I'm losing things too but mostly dropping them. Yesterday I dropped a cup of tea made another one and immediately dropped it too. Spoons and pens are winging everywhere!

  3. I carry all my keys on one ring, attached to a Ponderosa High School (the shool where I taught till 2003) lanyard--hard to lose it, but I, too, occasionally misplace it.

    Re: Sleeplessness--Do you have time to do some walking or jogging on a treadmill at a gym?

  4. Oops....I know how to spell "school!" I didn't teach at a shool.

  5. Yonca, tell me about it!

    MOPTG, maybe it's the weather? And you're right about the laundry issues. I don't think my kids would notice either!

    Pat, with the weather getting nicer, I am trying to get outside a little. (I did some bike riding Sunday, and that seemed to help.) I also promised myself that I would start going to the YMCA again... (BTW, I didn't even notice shool-see, I told you I was tired. LOL!)


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