Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost worry free (and Book Blurb Friday)

Our house is back to normal again, or at least I'm not worrying as much as I was about my son. I didn't mention it but a small white mark on my son's face that appeared a year ago (the doctor wasn't sure what it was but said just to watch it) became enlarged almost overnight.

My husband and I thought that it looked bigger, then we were sure it was, and then my son was complaining that it hurt. The pediatrician said that it needed to be looked at by a plastic surgeon, but the practice she recommended said they couldn't see us until the end of June!  Meanwhile, this thing got bigger and now redder and another visit to the doctor finally got us seen by a plastic surgeon a couple weeks ago.

The surgeon was sure it was a cyst that got infected, but he couldn't operate until the infection was taken care of first, so my son walked around with a giant bandaid on his face for another ten days until the swelling and redness subsided, and he was operated on Wednesday morning. (They had to put him to sleep and I was worried sick, but all went well and his face, even with the small bandage and stitches, looks so much better!)  Did I mention that we are heading to New Jersey for my daughter's state meet this weekend?  What timing, huh?

But I come into tonight's Book Blurb Friday feeling pretty good. This is where Lisa Ricard Claro, from Writing in the Buff, posts a picture meant to serve as a fictional book cover.

 It's your job to write a blurb about the book in 150 words or less to entice a prospective reader. Are you up to the challenge?
Here is this week's picture and my story:

Mystery Man at Boulder Lodge

The weather reports promised plenty of snow for Kathy’s ski vacation, but the trip was for singles, and Kathy’s sister had made the reservation-without asking. Still, a weeklong stay at a luxurious ski lodge didn’t seem like such a sacrifice, so she agreed to go.

An avid skier, Kathy checked into Boulder Lodge and lost no time hitting the slopes…or another skier. She hadn’t seen Paul pick himself up from a nasty fall until it was too late, and he would end up back in the snow again.

The pair hit it off immediately, (almost literally) and spent the rest of the day together, but Paul said he had an important appointment elsewhere that evening, and subsequent evenings, and he always returned at daybreak.

Was Paul married? Kathy decides to find out before things get serious, but maybe knowing everything isn’t always a good thing… (146 words without the title.)

I was first thinking I would take this story to the dark side, but I mentioned it to my husband and he wondered why I couldn't do a "nice" story. So, I thought about it, started writing, and I ended up with a story that could go either way. But, it's after 11 and morning comes quickly, so I'll stop by your blogs tomorrow!


  1. Hi Susan,

    I am so happy that you son is doing well. Stuff like that is always scary.

    The really funny thing about your story is that my HS boyfriend was named Paul, and he was a night janitor at a restaurant. He used to stop by on the way home and bring me carnations off of the tables in the dining room every morning!

    The other funny part is that though I don't ski, I do live about 1/2 hour from Mt. Bachelor in Oregon. Do you have some intuition or what? Of course, I love your story!

    I hope that you have a great weekend and that your daughter does well.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  2. It's strange this tendency to go nasty or nice isn't it? Generally I don't buy the nasty ones but there have been so many intriguing ones at BBF. Lucky you having a husband who takes an interest! Like the ski slope setting for this.

  3. You and your family have been through a lot. I think I'm glad you didn't take this story to the dark side, but left it to go either way. If I were in your place, I'd feel better about leaving it open-ended right now.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Glad your son is okay, Susan. That kind of thing is scary.

    I'll step out on a limb and say your blurb is going to be a fine romance with a lot of misconceptions on the heroine's part until it all works out in the end. (Mine were so dark this week it is nice to read a lighter take.) Great blurb!

  5. Glad to hear that your son will be okay...scary!!

    And your blurb...well, I have a one track mind this morning I guess...maybe this Paul is a vampire? Seems there are a lot of vampire stories circling the bookstores. Ya, I'll go with that idea. But wait...on 2nd thought vampires aren't out in daylight are they? Oh be still my heart.

    Josephine's Door

    Happy Friday!!

  6. Pleased to hear that your son's patch was not sinister - it's always so worrying, isn't it?
    I liked your blurb and rather expected it to touch the dark side but maybe Paul is like the princess in Shrek . . .

  7. My book jacket blurb
    Margo Bookless spots a mysterious car out in front of her house. She is unable to sleep having to get up during the night to check and see if the car is still there. It was... all night... the engine running. Suddenly there is a knock at the door; it is 6AM. Margo looks through the peak hole in her front door and sees John, her ex-husband standing on her front porch covered in snow. Will opening the door to him bring him into her life again? The thought sends a shutter through her body as she unlocks the door.

    Nice story? Is he headed to the beach or what?....I say go dark
    I am glad that your son is doing fine and good luck at state meet

  8. I love that you left it up to our imaginations. Your husband wouldn't like me because I automatically imagined horribly dark things, like vampires and nocturnal murderers and married men...or maybe married, nocturnally murdering vampires. Good one!

  9. Werewolves and vampires filled my mind, followed by a nocturnal serial killer. Guess you can tell that I prefer my stories on the dark side. Don't get too nice. :D

  10. I'm glad your son is alright and I hope the meet is going great!

    This is a good 'go either way'. That's what makes us pick it up isn't it? We want to find out!

  11. Oh Susan, you must have been so worried. I'm happy to hear that your son is okay. It must have been tough for him.

    I like the upbeat tone of this blurb too! Have fun at the meet :)


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