Monday, May 30, 2011

An exhausting weekend (and a little Succinctly Yours!)

We headed to Wildwood, New Jersey Saturday for my daughter's regional gymnastics meet. We decided to make a weekend out of it, spending time in Wildwood, Cape May, and Cape May Point, and with all this activity and not a lot of sleep, we are all pretty exhausted.

It would have been nice for my daughter to have finished well at the end of the season, but after scratching her last home meet in April due to a very lengthy flu bug, it was touch or go on whether she would even attempt regionals this year. She just wasn't strong enough to do her dismount off the beam or her back handsprings without a spotter-her body needed to rest. She finally went back to practice this month, and since she was able to do her routines, we decided to book our room.

I'm just glad we were able to spend some quality family time this weekend because regionals were pretty disappointing for her-she worked so hard this past month, and as a parent all you want to do is make everything better, but nothing you say seems good enough-in my eyes, my daughter is a hero!
Unfortunately things seem to be going from bad to worse-it looks like my daughter has caught another stomach virus, because she started getting sick this evening! (Keep your fingers crossed that we all get throught this because I'm feeling a little queasy myself, and I can't miss tomorrow or this week-it's finals week for seniors, and senior awards night is tomorrow...)

I'll write a little more about this weekend later in the week, but right now it's time for Succinctly Yours, another writing meme that piggy backs on the idea of Susan of the Stony River Blog. Grandma Goulash posts a picture and you are to write a 140 character or word story about it. You can also use the word of the day in your post if you wish. This week's word is glisten. Here is the picture and my story:

The thief grabbed the old woman’s purse but crime wouldn't pay today-Petrobras nabbed the bad guy, returned the purse, and became a hero. (137 characters)

I was still thinking about heros when I saw tonight's picture so I went with it. I can't wait to come around and see what everyone else saw!


  1. I agree, your daughter is a hero for trying. I hope you're both feeling better. I know how awful it feels to be sick.
    I was trying to figure out where you got the name Petrobras for the hero who returned the purse, then I looked at the back of the biker fellow's jacket.
    Good take on the photo.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Hooray for the man on the bike! Nice story.

  3. Kay is right, Susan...your daughter is a hero for leaping in there and trying her best! You must be so proud of her. I do hope you both feel well again soon.

    And I love the complete story you were able to tell in so few words..a great take on the prompt...:)

  4. It is so nice to finish this week's microfictions with a hero. I'm glad that you daughter inspired it and hope you are both feeling better quickly. I doubt that there is anything you can say to comfort your daughter at this point. The important thing is that you've told her how you feel. In time, her disappointment will fade, but your support will stick with her for years to come.

  5. Enjoyed the micro. And as long as we try we are always succeeding.

  6. I was trying to read what it says at the back of the biker. I think I needd an eye check up:)Hope you both are feeling better now.xo

  7. I hope the bug is paying just a fleeting visit and that the sickness is due more to tiredness than anything else.

    Well done, Petrobras:-)

  8. I hope you guys kick this little maybe bug to the curb and that things work out ok!

    Love the idea of that guy being a hero and returning the purse!

  9. Your daughter is a real trooper; I hope she is completely well soon, and I hope you are well for finals week. I remember those final week days...I taught high school math for many years. Oh, and your daughter is a real cutie, too!

    I like your super hero take on this week's SY picture. Petrobras is an interesting name. Petro (petroleum?) + bras (brassier?) LOL

    I'm Pat VanderBeek of

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  10. Oh, I'm sorry that happened to her! Fingers crossed for you both, a stomach virus is the worst.

    Go Petrobras!

  11. Your hero angle is a good one! I like that it is a positive twist.

    I'm sorry your daughter hasn't been feeling well, especially after so much preparation. I'll be sending good thoughts your way!

  12. I love how you write that your daughter is your hero!! I hope she's feeling better. She is a hard worker clearly.

    Loved your microfiction too.


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