Monday, September 19, 2011

The boat trip and pre-teen angst (and Succintly Yours!)

This is the boat my husband learned to sail
 Well, if you came by at the end of last week, you would know that my husband spent the weekend taking an introductory sailboating lesson, and his reaction to sailing for the first time? He loved it! I definitely have some misgivings-I mean, I wanted him to have fun, but now there is talk of a boat purchase in the near future (um, we are way past due on a house renovation so this "near future" needs to get in line), and the possibility that all of us will become sailors with him.

Hmm...I am not too crazy about boats. You know there's all that wind and water and rocking back and forth stuff that gets in the way of a really cool ride. We've been on boats before-motor boats, and we had fun, but a sailboat needs to be controlled, and even my husband said it's a ton of work. The kids are also iffy about the sailing talk, especially after they heard the word work, so I don't know if we land lubbers will ever take to the sea.

I do know one thing for sure-I told my husband that I need to stay in a hotel all alone next time. The rosy colored weekend that I pictured with my kids was not a happy one. I spent almost the entire time at odds with both my children. My daughter's pre-teen attitude and mouth were working over time so much that she was asked to leave the kitchen until my son and I were finished with our dinner. (I just wanted to eat in peace! She had been arguing with me all day about everything.) She got the last word though-she and I were to bunk together Saturday night because I can't sleep too well when my husband isn't there, but when she returned to the kitchen, she promptly told me that she would be sleeping in her room that night. I was cool and collected, telling her that was fine, and reminding her that you can never take back words and actions, but inside I was heartbroken. Where did my sweet little girl go?

And my son? He talked almost non-stop the entire weekend, more so since my daughter and I were not talking much after Saturday. I love him dearly, and I know that soon he won't want to talk to me, but I could honestly feel my brain stop functioning at one point, and semi-paralysis of the thought processes setting in... After that weekend and a very full day with my kids at school, I'm mentally exhausted.

So thankfully it's time for Succinctly Yours, another writing meme that piggy backs on the idea of Susan of the Stony River Blog.
Grandma Goulash posts a picture and you are to write a 140 character or word story about it. You can also use the word of the day in your post if you wish. This week's word is beneficial. Here this week's picture and my take this week:

"This shopping's wiped me out," thought Evan. "I need an excuse...I know, I'll tell her I have a headache. Works every time for her." (135 characters)

I hope you chuckled a bit at this-I am desperately in need of both chocolate and some humor therapy. I hope you all saw something amusing in today's picture too.

I also wanted to say that even though I have reduced my posting to only twice a week, I may be stepping away from my blog for a little while. I'm trying to finish a very lengthy project I started in April, and now that the summer is over and I'm back in the classroom, I don't have as much time in the evening for family, school work, blog, and my other writing. You know as well as I do, that posting and reading other posts takes time-lots of time, and I have been on my blog for over an hour tonight. Now I used the word may for a reason-I don't know if I can stay away, but I'm a natural born procrastinator, and this blog and the Internet are just too tempting. So, you will either see me or...


  1. Hi Susan, thank you for sharing your experience and feelings through this post. I hope, it provided some relief to you. Please don't forget, it gives encouragement to those who are going through similar situations. You love your family. It shows in many ways.

    Your short story about Evan's headache gave me a smile. I think, even as a child it would have made me smile.

  2. Hi Susan ~~ Guess the company got crowded this weekend. Too bad the kids couldn't take a "kid's lesson" in sailing. That might have changed the whole aura of sailboating for hubby.

    Poor Evan. I think this was a common theme, the boored guy tagging along with the gal.
    Yours was among the best.

    I don't know for sure if I could have blogged and taught while teaching. On my side, blogging hadn't been invited before I retired. Right now I am slowing down. A lot of readers have completely abandonded blogging for FaceBook. But no the true writers and wannabe writers. :)

    Mostly I do memes here and poems on the other blog. Poor 'Ask Dr. Jim' must feel I moved away.

  3. You certainly left me chuckling with this one. A wonderful take on this week's mf.

    Take heart. When my daughter hit those preteen years, I thought it was a preview of her teens. After one very rough year, things smoothed out and her high school days were quite peaceful and drama free.

  4. So glad your project is coming along well! Do what you have to do, m'dear; we'll be waiting for your return. :)

    We have a 27' Searay and love go out on the lake almost every weekend during the summer. Motorized, though. I don't know about the whole sailing thing. Maybe if you take a class, too, you'll decide you like it. (??)

    Sorry you're having a kid meltdown! I know exactly how you feel. Go on a chocolate run immediately!

    Love your microfiction. You made me laugh! The little guy does kinda look like he's got a headache, as if the little girl is talking and all he's hearing is, "Waah, waah . . ." LOL

  5. Bored written on the board X 100.
    Would I spell it right after that?

  6. I feel for you with the kids. I'm in the midst of first time ever Peace! Um, until the youngest did not have her sister to snap at and chose me instead. That did not go over well. I believe we will have peace again for some time : )

    The boy in the story looks exactly like my husband when I shop ; ) Hope your project goes well and we will see you soon!

  7. Speaking of headaches...hope you didn't have a tension headache after your get-away. My kids are grown-up people now. I often get quite sentimental with thoughts of going back in time with them. This vignette reminds me of the reality and swept away the hearts and ribbons Thanks for that!

    We enjoy our boat that has a nice, big motor. I always think there's something rather romantic about sailing...maybe it's the hearts and ribbons again!!

  8. Hi Susan. I'm sitting here picturing you on a sailboat with the wind in your hair...could be in your future!!! Sorry about all the rockiness of that weekend with the kids. I have been having my troubles here too.

    Loved your piece, it did give me a chuckle. Hope to talk with you soon, Kelly

  9. Have missed you. Hope everything is okay and that you are just busy. Hope to hear from you soon - maybe Christmas break?


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