Friday, September 16, 2011

My husband's gift (and Book Blurb Friday)

As you know, my husband's birthday was last week, and the inevitable question was, "What do I get him?" He deperately needed a new cell phone, so when I found a free Droid Global with a package upgrade, I jumped. This was to be the perfect gift because I knew he had been looking at this phone, and I planned to unveil it on his birthday. There was just one problem-as soon as the phone arrived, he immediately lost service in his old phone. I mean he couldn't call out or receive calls, and although I hadn't activated his new cell phone yet, Verizon was acting as if I had. husband got his new phone three weeks before his birthday, and I had a new question, "Should I get him something else?" My husband hinted that since the phone was "free" I should get him another gift, and he knew just what I should get-a Wii fighter pilot game he had seen in Gamestop. Off I went to get this game, (although I told him he had his present already). So, my question was anwered, right? Wrong!

My new question went something like this, "What kind of surprise is a gift you are told to get, and one that really didn't cost much money?" I was stuck again-what could I get him? I can't remember when the idea popped into my head, but a few days later I was scouring the Internet and calling to set up his very special present-one I knew he would either love or hate...

See, my husband has always said that when we retire, he wants to sell our home (note: I never said I agreed with any of this), buy a Catamaran Sailboat, and we will sail the world. The thing is, he has never been on a sailboat, and doesn't know how to sail, so I thought I would get him started. This weekend he will be on the bay learning some of the basics-I enrolled him in an introductory sailing class, and after some initial hesitation, he is really starting to get excited. (He got his gloves to protect his hands from the ropes, and although he wanted a captain's hat, if all of us call him captain he said that would suffice...) I really hope he enjoys himself.

And now it's time for:

Book Blurb Friday! This is where Lisa Ricard Claro, from Writing in the Buff, posts a picture meant to serve as a fictional book cover. It's your job to write a blurb about the book in 150 words or less to entice a prospective reader. Are you up to the challenge? Here is this week's picture and my story:

Before It's Too Late

Dr. Elana Stark was a pioneer in her field, studying the effects of the environment on the body’s cells and primary organs. Her lab developed a drug to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, but any attempts at reversing the damage came up short, and investors want to pull the plug on this new project.

Just as things looked their worst, Elana receives a strange letter from a witch doctor in far off Tristan Da Cunha. He has the answers she is looking for, and he will share them….for a price. He claims that the leaves of a well-known plant, known to locales as the Chimgum, could turn back time, and he had data to prove it.

Intrigued despite some initial misgivings, Elana flies to the island to meet the man, and soon she will know if this is a fountain of youth, or a horror in disguise. (148 words)

Well, I'm surprised by what I came up with, and the hardest part was coming up with a title-nothing new for me... I can't wait to see what everyone else wrote!
*Note: By the way, the island I mentioned is a real place and is somewhere far off the African coast. I learned a little geography this evening :)


  1. I love the title.
    Both of my parents had Alzheimer's disease, although Mom died of other things before her dementia progressed.
    I don't care if it takes witch doctors or magic potions, I can't face the idea of going through the long, slow process that killed Dad.
    A great idea, Susan. As was the idea of sailing lessons for your husband. Now he'll find out if he likes the whole process. However, sailing the world is a bit ambitious. I've known well-experienced sailors who did it, but it has its drawbacks. I think I'll wish you "good luck" and him "happy birthday".
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Pull the plug on a drug that ONLY stops the progression of Alzheimer's? I found that a bit of a sticking point, but once I moved past, I really got into the story. If I had picked this off a book shelf, I know I'd be buying it. I think your title works well. Before Its Too Late could have more than a couple meanings for this story.

  3. Simply, it is very pleasing to see your concern for your husband, wanting to make him happy. You asked him (many times) what he wants. That first sailing picture is very nice.

    About the Book Blurb, Dr. Stark is very devoted to her cause. A weighty undertaking, and a willingness to go to great lengths to help others. I admire her spirit; the quality you gave to your character.

  4. You could write two books with two different endings.

  5. Love the blurb--what a creative take! Also thought your gift idea was wonderful. Hope hubby enjoys himself.

  6. That is a LOVELY gift! My husband always says he wants to sell the house and get another RV and travel the land but I don't want to encourage him. I can't fit all my knick knacks in those things ; )

    Sounds like a great story and I would like to see how it turns out. My biggest fear is that Alzheimers is caused by chocolate: )

  7. That is just the coolest idea for a gift! I'm so glad he's excited about it. You're so creative!

  8. Your gift was both creative and thoughtful. I think it's funny that he wants to be called "Captain." You need to get a hat for yourself that says "Admiral." LOL

    Great blurb! This could go in so many different directions, which means it would be an awesome read with lots of surprises. I'm in. Just let me go fill my wine glass and grab my reading glasses. :)

  9. Wonderful! You did great on this one ... also you sure did a super job on those birthday presents. Hope your husband enjoys his lessons.

    Kathy M.


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