Monday, July 30, 2012

Contest help for YA writers

Well it turns out my first surge of confidence in my manuscript waned quite a bit. I had every intention of querying last week after tightening my first chapter, but it took me a while to get it how I wanted it. Then I thought I better re-read everything, you know, just in case. I only finished 141 pages out of 395 and I'm now approaching the dreaded middle. Authors have been known to get lost in there...I'm hoping to get through it without too much added stress and hardship-lol!

Anyway, I want to be sure that everything I write is the best I can possibly do. The collection of "no's", though small, still stings, and the perfectionist in me is striving for more than good enough.

If you have similiar hopes for a YA novel you wrote (or are still toying with), I may be able to help you get ready for that almighty plunge.
  • Follow a blogger who is also an agent. You will get advice on query letters and other useful tidbits concerning that first novel. I have one such blog for you: Kristen Nelson of the Nelson Agency and her very helpful and kind-hearted blog Pub Rants. You can't help but get a warm comfortable feeling when you visit.

  • Or find a blogger who offers help where you need it the most-your writing. Miss Snark's First Victim is one such blog. Now don't let the name of her site fool you-she is a fellow writer and anything but nasty. She offers insight to your writing in a non-threatening manner through critiques and contests each month. She is currently one of three blogs advertising a constest starting at 8 AM August 31: Teen Eyes Editorial is the host of this one, and the premise-see if your query (Miss Snark's site), 35 word pitch (Brenda Drake Writes) , or first page(Mother. Write. (Repeat)) of your New Adult, YA, or Middle Grade manuscript has what it takes to hook a teenage reader. Winners of each will be granted various editing free bees from the very talented young editors of Teen Eyes. What better way to check out how you stand? And the best part-the contest is open to finished as well as WIP manuscripts, so what are you waiting for? The links to all three contests can be found on Miss Snark's and the other two sites, as well as information about the three editors. You can enter all three contests if you wish, so polish up and enter tomorrow morning!
I will keep you updated on other helpful sites as I surf the Internet instead of doing my final editing :) Do any of you have sites you frequent that might help a struggling first time writer? I'd love to know!


  1. I am so glad that you've found some people who are supporting and helpful as you work towards your end goal! I can't even imagine how much work it must be to write a novel!

  2. Hi Susan! I remember reading this and thought I commented, but I guess not...must have been pulled away before I could say hi. There are a lot of great sites out there. One of my favorites, which is not specifically publishing info but which offers terrific insights, is Sarah Fine's blog:

    Sarah is a child psychologist and newly published YA author, and she provides so much great info. I think you'll enjoy her blog and learn a great deal.

    Glad you're back! Good luck with your publishing efforts.

  3. Hi Susan,
    It has been a while..It's good to be here again. Good luck with your goal. I would love to read your book. Miss you. xx

  4. Merry Chistmas to you and your family, Susan!


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