Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Danger: Foul mood ahead. Save Yourselves!

I'm in a foul mood this evening and I wasn’t going to post because of it, but I'm hoping that getting it out this way might make me feel better. First my computer is not being very nice to me. I spent much too long trying to type up an assignment that I need for Friday, and every time I tried to save a new portion-yes, I practice “safe saving”-Word came back with a !#@*# message box indicating that an error had occurred and the program would be shutting down. And you guessed it-the recovered document didn’t include the latest additions. GROWL!

The weather

I have about had it with this frigid, rainy weather we've been having-I can’t find an umbrella and we have half a dozen or so somewhere in this house, and I am cold to the core. Plus the rain will prevent my husband from bringing a donated couch and loveseat up to school tomorrow (it's for our broadcast studio and it's been taking up residence in my garage, instead of my car, for a month until the donation was approved), and I don’t like getting into a cold car...

My health

Wait a second, hack, gag, cough, gross…I can’t seem to shake this croupy cough that has controlled me for more than a week now, and it’s really zapping my energy level. In fact, it's wore me down so much that I haven’t worked out for a week because I’m afraid the exertion will make it worse, and since I haven’t worked out I feel awful-it’s an endless cycle.



Then there is the one problem that I know that every mother can relate to, and that's the lack of eight hours of uninterrupted, REM staging, glorious sleep. Last week my son was the reason I wasn’t enjoying a peaceful slumber-he was waking up two times a night, usually around midnight, and then happily again between the hours of 2:30 and 3:30 am. The reason? Some of it was due to nightmares, but even he can’t explain the rest. This week he's sleeping fine but I am the one waking up around 3:30 am, and the thing is that I don’t feel tired when I first wake up, but I can barely pull myself out of bed at my regular 5:30 wake up time-why did I have to pick a profession that started so darn awful early? I would be so much happier if my day started at 10 am… And the really sad part about this early waking (this will make you weep, I promise) is that since I went on my “be a healthier me” kick, I cut out all caffeinated beverages, so that wonderful jolt that a good ole cup of Joe gives is not happening from sipping water all day! Sorry Areeba-I know I promised, but I have to say this: "Man am I tired!"

And here I sit without my lunch made, my clothes out, or my pajamas on-I vowed I would go to bed earlier, but… I congratulate all the brave souls who made it to the end of my cranky post, and I wish you all a good evening.


  1. Sorry... :( That's no good. I hope the next week brings sunshine, REM, clear sinuses, no nightmares and a cooperative computer. Oh, and I hope you win the lottery so you don't have to get up so early. :)

    Hang in there...

  2. I can relate to crabiness. Sleep and stress totally do me in.

    Try and get some time for yourself and sneak in a great nap!

  3. That opening picture grabbed my attention! I have plenty of those crabby days. Hope things get better for you soon. Let's pray for sunshine.

  4. Heheheh, definitely a great picture to get our attention! heheheh. I'm with you. I hate it when I don't get the right amount of sleep... it leads to grumpy bear syndrome :)

  5. this has already been such a gloomy fall, I hope the winter is better, but I have my doubts. Hope you catch some zzzz's to get rid of your cough, at least it's the weekend!


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