Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daddy needs a vacation

I have always known what a great father my husband is, but I never realized just how much my husband does with our kids until this weekend-I never really “got it” before today. Sundays around our house center on Sunday school, grocery shopping, yard work, my husband's to do list, and finishing laundry for the week-not very exciting for my son and daughter-so after the two get tired of playing with each other, they scout out their dad. My husband is like a pied piper when it comes to kids, any kids, especially our own, and whether he is hiding out in our family room or working in the yard, our kids are usually right there with him. Now I have to admit that occasionally I may have encouraged this daddy bonding, like last weekend after my husband cut down a few dead trees in our yard. My son and daughter were starting to argue so I sent them outside to help their father carry the logs to our woodpile. I was laughing hysterically as I watched from the kitchen window-the two helpers were laughing as they bumbled along, and my husband glanced back in my direction mouthing the words, “Thanks a lot.”

This week and weekend were busier than usual with trick-or-treating and costume parties for the kids, so I decided I could escape and do a little Christmas shopping before I got groceries today. I was guaranteed time to myself because my son and daughter never want to go get groceries and sometimes those couple hours are just what I need to recharge before tackling the chores at home. Unfortunately, freedom for me means captivity for my husband, and after a couple calls to check his mental state, I could tell that he was in need of a break too, so I hurried home so that he could go to the “man’s store,” otherwise known as the hardware store. My husband helped put away the groceries and was standing, keys in hand, when my son walked into the room. You see a trip with daddy is always an exciting thing, especially to a young boy, so the trip for one quickly became a trip for two.

I could hear my son telling my husband all about a particular super hero’s powers as the two walked into the garage, and my son was still talking about super heroes when the two walked back into the house. My husband had a sort of dazed look on his face, so I intervened and had my son go find his sister. My husband was then able to flee the scene and work outside. When he came back in he headed to the family room to watch the car race, but his time alone was fleeting. I was sorting laundry in my bedroom when my son and daughter walked in looking for their father. I don’t lie because I can’t lie-I swear my right eye starts to twitch, so I focused my attention on the clothesbasket as I answered, “Well, I think he might be outside.” The two scurried off on their quest but I felt sure I bought my husband at least five more minutes of peace. A little later the noise level in the family room was noticeably louder, so I peaked in the room and saw the pied piper trying to explain who drives a certain car to my daughter while my son zoom zoomed his cars on the floor nearby-the peace ended.

With the race over my husband soon got away to help me get dinner together, but five minutes later, my husband’s entourage followed, heading into the living room to play a rousing game of war. And following dinner, my husband mentioned his intention to get in the hot tub, and soon two smaller bodies were dashing around the house in search of their bathing suits. I relaxed a bit then I took the dog out to check on this latest excursion, and I saw my husband trying to relax as the kids bounced up and down-so much for relaxation.

After we each gave a kid a bath, they were busy putting their clothes away and getting all their things ready for school. I sat down in the kitchen to finish reading the paper and my husband came in and turned on the game, but the kids like to get a snack before bed, so soon they were joining us too. But as my husband was trying to watch the historic game where Brett Favre is back in Green Bay playing for a rival team, my kids’ commenting and questioning began, and I began to write-I started laughing because I now knew I had my post for tonight.
“Who’s playing daddy?”
My husband: “Green Bay and the Vikings.”
“Who’s winning?”
My husband: “The Vikings.”
“I don’t like that green team. Purple is my favorite color.”
“Man, I think that guy might have broke his leg.”
“Hey daddy, I just watch the person with the ball.”
“Ooh, that guy is really old. He has grey hair.” My husband: “That’s Brett Favre-he’s been a football player for a long time.”
“Brett Barb?” My husband: “No, Brett Favre.”
“Why did that guy go to the side of the field?”
“Why do a lot of these guys have long hair? That blonde haired guy looks like a girl.” My husband: “I wouldn’t tell him that. He’s pretty big.”
“Did you hear that song they just played?” My husband: “The NFL song?” “Yea, that one. My friend is using that for her routine.”
“Daddy can you look up that song on Youtube and play it?” My husband: “No.”
“Why is that Brett guy hugging the other players?”
“I like that song” “Me too. It goes do do do do, da da da…” “That’s not how it goes…” My husband: "Can't you guys just watch?"

My husband and I usually retreat to our separate corners for a short time in the evening, but before I could jump on the computer, he was there looking at some hotel pictures in Waikiki. I walked up behind him and asked why he was looking at hotel pictures, and his response was that he was just dreaming. (Ahh, yes, I understand...) So my post is dedicated to my husband this evening. I know that he reads my posts because he is a born snoop and lately if we are in the middle of a “discussion” he says things like, “I better stop now or this will end up on your blog.” I truly hope he reads tonight's entry. I love you sweetheart.
(Goodnight everybody!)


  1. It's not always easy to be a Daddy :) Nice post of appreciation for your hubby. I'm glad to hear that your hubby at least stayed awake while on duty. Mine?? Probably snoring on the recliner!

  2. That was so sweet! I am sure he really appreciated it.

  3. What a great Dad, the football conversation was cracking me up. But what I really got out of your post, was that you get to go to the grocery store ALONE!!! Jealous!

  4. I couldn't get past this..."so I decided I could escape and do a little Christmas shopping before I got groceries today." Xmas shopping! Already??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I am so behind.


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